Mr Nelly And Mrs Ekpa Conspiracy

Some 8 months ago you were calling DOS betrayers and thieves because a woman planned with Mr Ekpa and cried dubiously on his platform, accusing people without any evidence. This woman kept accusing people up and down. You danced with it. You kept going inbox to inbox spreading lies upon lies. Mr Ekpa supported everything she was doing and worked with her. He even came to social media to proclaim that he is Nelly and Nelly is him. Meaning that they are inseparable. Also it is so obvious that they have worked together and knew each other's secrets.

But now, the same Nelly you believed and became a media warrior for is telling you that Mr Ekpa is a fraud, and you refused to believe. Now you are calling people to listen to Mr Ekpa as he expose a double agent. At what time exactly did you notice that Nelly is a double? For real? She is a double and your Ekpa is not a double?

You see eeeh, everything bad and evil has no place in this struggle.

I remember telling you all that you will fight yourselves. I also told you all that you all will be defeated and shamed. It will be so disastrous that you will be ashamed to mention the name Biafra ever again.

Today happened so that we will not end up getting a country worse than Nigerịa. Because you all are worse Liars than those handling Nigerịa today.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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