Mr Obi?

Do I believe he will win? No. What if he miraculously wins? Still no problem. Will I go against his campaign? No. Why? Because I will never allow any of these youths to say we would have gotten Mr Obi as president if not that certain individuals fought us and stopped us. I won't be among those they will blame. Never. Will I go against them on media should they go after IPOB struggle? Yes.

They will face the zoo and the zoo will happen to them. They will face their PVC and see it disappoint them. They will see INEC deal with them. They will see the military deal with them. They will meet the same police that kîlled them during #EndSARS. They will face the judiciary and see themselves totally disappointed. While all these are happening, Fulanii herdsmen will be in their bushes kidnapping and kîlling. Nigería will happen to them and they will have no one to blame except themselves.

Only then can they shut up once IPOB make a decision.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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