Mrs Ekpa : man of double standards

He has seen that we have perfectly and conscientiously separated his evil from IPOB and he came with another method, just fool some fainthearted.
His gullible followers are now trying to bring him back. Some are saying that Mr Ekpa is working for Biafra just like DOS are working for Biafra. This can only come from men of double standards.
I seriously want to understand at which time those following Mr Ekpa started believing that DOS members are working for Biafra. The last time I checked, these same people were insulting IPOB leadership and hailing Mr Ekpa as he call DOS ndị Nzama. When they were hailing Mr Ekpa for voting out DOS, do they actually know that DOS members are working for Biafra? If you knew they are working for Biafra, why didn't you call out Ekpa for insulting them? Or are you now talking because we didn't allow you all to destroy IPOB structure?
Mr Ekpa said on record that every order given by DOS, they will give a contrary order. They asked people to stop contributing to IPOB and try to kịll the image of IPOB financial head. When Ekpa was doing all these, you didn't come out to caution him. You didn't tell him to stop because you believe that DOS members are working for Biafra. You maintained a dub-ious silence as IPOB leadership underwent ridicule. You even made subtle posts suggesting that those in the leadership sold MNK, thereby giving a tacit support to Ekpa's madness.
People that asked Ekpa to stop, you made post accusing them of envy and being poor. You countlessly relayed to your readers how poverty is kịlling those against Ekpa. Now that the dub-ious Ekpa has destroyed himself by himself you are shouting that should we destroy Ekpa, that Biafra will be cold. Are you guys for real? In deed some people are overrated in this street. Did Biafra become cold when Ekpa wasn't around 3 years ago? Did we need Ekpa to release MNK in 2017? Have Ekpa contributed anything to the release of MNK till today?
Who is actually destroying Ekpa? His actions or who exactly? Did we not suggest he respect IPOB leadership or he form his own group? Did you all not hear us say we must protect IPOB structure? When we said that, did you guys not fight it? Why are you guys now talking about protecting the same structure? When did the structure started being important to you guys?
The reason why people will always come here to take us for a fool is because we look at the material worth instead of the thing inside. That's why people will think they can smash their hypocrisy on our faces and we go there to paint words for them. My problem is not that these unstable men are trying to defend Ekpa from Nelly. My major issue is that they are now trying to make it look as if Ekpa has never been against the leadership of this struggle. They are trying to give him a soft landing.
Like I always say. You can't be for Ekpa and for IPOB at the same time. Ekpa is same with Nelly. If Nelly is a double agent, Ekpa is a double agent. Ekpa was never a freedom fighter. Ekpa was recruited by the politicians to give them reasons to convince the world that IPOB is a terr-orist group and probably invade our lands. What is happening in Anambra was made possible by Ekpa. His recruiters asked him to make comments that are capable of destabilising Anambra. Ekpa said he want to see Anambra burning. He said that his group will go after politicians, starting with House of Assembly members and governors. Days and months after he said this, the people that recruited him kidnapped a state law maker and beheaded him.
The series of blackmail IPOB have received was watered by Mr Ekpa. Did they not duplicate ESN, MBranch and brought out pictures of child soldiers? When we exposed the lies, did you see any of them talk in defense of IPOB? Rather they mocked.
Those of them trying to sell Ekpa to us just because people respected their personality on this space should be put in their place. Anyone defending Ekpa should be seen as an enemy. Call them what they are and stop painting words.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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