My Call For Urgent Eastern Security Network (ESN) Rescue mission In Enuguezike Igbo-Eze North Area Enugu North Province Biafra land Over Constant Military Raid In The Peaceful Community of Imufu/ Aguibeje Axis

My facts findings on the recent insecurities going on in Enuguezike , can reliably confirm that there are hoodlums Suspected to be sponsored by AutoPiloters that were drove out of Anambra state. These hoodlums that found their way to Enuguezike to continue their criminalities has succeeded in recruiting some few Youths from the village with promise that they are recuriting them to join eastern Security Network ( ESN )that one Simon Ekperima who is based in Finland has promise to sponsor them to fight for Biafra .

But these criminals has only ended up using same youths rather than fighting insecurities and Fulani bandits terrorizing that Aguibeje bush that has a common border with Akpanya in Kogi state which is a signature of IPOB ESN .

They has rather resulted to terrorize their own people, Innocent citizens and residents of the area by snatching of cars , bikes , kidnapping for ransom and calling some notable clergymen men on phone such as pastors and Rev fr fathers threatening them to pay sum amount of cash to them raging from #50M , #100M more or less or risk their church auditorium burned to ashes which these clergymen men out of fear are complying in paying the money on demand . Thereby unwillingly empowering these criminals . while the same criminals carry out arson on both public and privates properties in that area claiming unknown gun men esn to blackmail Eastern Security Network .

A reliable source has disclosed the identity of one of their henchmen as Chocho . A name that has been called out on radio Biafra as one of those coursing insecurities in Nsukka Igbo-Eze axis. Claiming to be Eastern Security Network ( ESN) while he is not an ESN official. As the leadership of IPOB has dissassionated themselves from his activities .

The activities of these hoodlums has drown attention of Nigeria military in that peacful community, which is now worsening the security situation in that village as Nigeria military from 82 division Enugu rather than going against the criminals and hoodlums terrorizing the village has resulted to abduct and kill innocent villagers at random in the name of unknown gun men esn .

On this Note I call on the elders and traditional rulers such as igwe of Imufu community, Igwe of Aguibeje Community and the Igwe of other affected communities in Enuguezike to contact IPOB leadership the D.O.S via singal app with the following number

And give accurate information of the hideout of these criminals desguising themselves as Eastern Security Network for a rescue mission and dislodge those criminals and automatically end military raid in their communities.

Eastern Security Network (E.S.N) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu lead IPOB is for the security of our people not fór criminalities of any sorts . The villagers must desist from shielding criminals among them .

Anyi Kings August 19, 2022

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