My eyes don see something!

So, this is what Simon ekpa and Nelly has been doing since 10 months now?

So that F00lish Simon Ekpa was video f*****cking Nelly? Shame!

And when things wasn't going well again between the two partners in CR!M€, vuummm, Simon ekpa upoloaded the whole naked pictures of his partner in CR!M€ Nelly online.

Well, let me say that they did video whatever they did together on trust and these pictures were also sent to him in confidence, but sadly, this dishonourable man, Simon Ekpa has sent the pictures online to blackmail her because things weren't going well again with them. What a L0w lif€ man!

So, this Nelly is even this low self to send her naked pictures or do this kind video with that F00li$h Ekpa? Nawaoo!
I hope she has ekpa's own naked pictures and videos too oo to send online?

This is the dish0n0urabl€ L0w lif€ Ekpa, unthinking and F00li$h people were comparing with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and telling us to allow him take over and lead the great IPOB. Tufiakwa! Aru, Ab0minati0n.
For ndi he has been working, you can see where your ekpa has been working all these months. A serial blackmailer.

Thank God for the wisdom God gave IPOB leadership and they distanced IPOB from this L0w l!f€ P0rn$tar and professional blackmailer.

© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya

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