My dear brother kinsley Kanunta my attention have been drawn to the latest insubordination coming from you against the leadership of ipob by joining hands with expelled criminals in america to organise a fundraising.

My dear brother the reason why I austriaman and other media warriors have kept mute over your lack of respect to a constituted authority is because I always felt bad picking my pen ๐Ÿ–Š๏ธ to address the younger brother of a man I regard as my Jesus and also considering that single fact that your family have paid the supreme price for the restoration BIAFRA and which Onyendu is still being punished for till date.

I have taken my time to weigh options before me and to study what always gives you the moral to go against DOS decisions and I came to understand that it's because you are related to Onyendu and you believes that you are above the law but I want you to put yourself in the position of an ordinary ipob member or a formal principal officer like obidi obienu who is not related to mazi nnamdi KANU and tell me how you will feel when they start giving counter order to that of the leadership,will you sit back and applaud them.

Mazi you always come up with this issue of code of conduct and I austriaman have taken my time to study it and there is no place it was stated that an ordinary member of ipob like you have the muscles to organise a fundraising without the approval of the leadership or do you see us ipob as daffs

My brother let me state it clearly here,the voice I heard and joined this struggle was the voice of mazi nnamdi KANU and not that of kinsley Kanunta kanu and I carefully studied MNK like a book before I decided to stick my neck to die for what he believes in including your wonderful parents who to me are angels sent by God to liberate us infact your mother is the mary in the bible while MNK is the Jesus.
And remember that the world ๐ŸŒŽ followed Jesus and not his brothers,I don't even know anything about the Brothers of Jesus if they even existed.

What you are doing today is like Jesus brother coming to tell pope to step down because his brother owns the church and christianity or that all the tithe and offerings should be going to a particular account Jesus brother created without the knowledge of pope and all the cardinals.

I don't want to say you are not genuine towards the freedom of your senior brother mazi nnamdi KANU but your actions and that of madam nnenaya anya have started to give me concerns.

Why are you more concerned over fundraising like simon ekpa more than protests that can alert the world ๐ŸŒŽ on the INCARCERATION of MNK

What kind of bitterness do you have against the DOS that you refused to participate in a historic event like the one million man March in Brussels.

Mazi chika edoziem and all the ipobs did not go to brussels to seek for the freedom of their own blood brothers but your own beloved blood brother and even madam nnenaya anya did not show up,what a shame.

Is it not a shame that all the people you are associating with in america have never for one day raised a banner ๐ŸŽ‹ to demand for the release of your own blood brother but what they are interested in is fundraising and money,money, money,the life of onyendu mazi nnamdi KANU is meaningless to them.

You are now creating another monster just like you backed simon ekpa at the initial stage,you guys including OGBUEFI highway,oliver obi and EJASI started fronting simon ekpa to takeover from mazi nnamdi KANU who is still alive just because you guys knew that simon ekpa was an internet thief and that with his leadership stealing of ipob funds will be the order of the day

My dear brother kinsley Kanunta kanu I still love ๐Ÿ’• you and that is why I have written several articles defending you when simon ekpa came hard on you.

please retrace your steps because what you are doing will be fruitless because no matter how hard you try every biafran will still be loyal to the DOS,if you like show us a video where all the DOS are sleeping with animals that will still never move us unless your senior brother Mazi nnamdi kanu says otherwise.

And please I don't want you to underrate this current ipob media warriors because we have a lot of men of timber and caliber in them,go and ask nelly and simon how they tried and failef and please my brother we are not recharge cards media warriors because most of us put in so much money into this struggle by even providing for some of our helpless brothers back home,Is it ikenga uruagu, methuseleh,biafran child and me that you will give money to or buy recharge cards for.

If you want your claims about the DOS to be legit simple ask your brother Onyendu mazi nnamdi KANU to issue a statement through barrister ifeayi ejiofor to we biafrans and he is the only barrister that we will listen to at this point in time and if you know barr.ifeayi ejiofor can't represent us well then simply hold your self till ohamadike comes out

And please I will advise you stop ๐Ÿ›‘ this your music ๐ŸŽต of ONYENDU SAID THIS ONYENDU SAID THAT of a thing because no ipob will buy into it,stop attacking innocent men because had it been mazi chika edoziem and the DOS were rebels as you are now portraying them to be,when umuada were pressuring them to sack madam nnenaya anya they would have gone straight to sack her but because chika edoziem was a man full of wisdom he waited first until he heard the voice of mazi nnamdi KANU Before he tรณok action which I know that if you were to be in that position you wouldn't have waited for your brothers order before taking action.

Remember that during the south africa ๐ŸŒ freedom fighting that nelson mandelas brothers did not interfere in the struggle while mandela spent 27 years behind bars which I know that if a person like you were to be the brother of nelson mandela,mandela wouldn't have spent upto 2 years before you scatter ANC

I remain your dear brother in the BIAFRA restoration project
AUSTRIAMAN 21.06.2022

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