I am writing this letter to plead with our legal team to stop giving us direct information on when mazi nnamdi KANU will be released.

I know a lot of people might not understand this message but I want to assure you that I have taken time to study the news coming out from the nigeria media and some men of God whenever the legal team announce a positive date for MNK freedom and these zoo media don't meant well for mazi nnamdi KANU.
Why is it that whenever our lawyers gives us updates about the freedom of MNK the nigeria media will start announcing the date mazi nnamdi KANU will be freed and even fake prophets will start prophesizing about his release and the next thing you will see is a press conference from the attorney general abubakar malami countering the news by telling you that mazi nnamdi KANU will have to face the judicial processes and that people don't know the gravity of his offense and at the same time the DSS will start maltreating the legal team when ever they visit MNK.
I want us to learn from the freedom of Sunday igboho whom his legal team including the media all kept quiet until chief Sunday igboho regained his freedom.
The only update I want from the legal team is that mazi nnamdi KANU is healthy but please anything concerning his bail should be kept within the legal team and MNK, we the outside world are not supposed to know everything.
The legal team will be regarded as a demi god if they can quietly free mazi nnamdi KANU without the knowledge of the public.
i rest my case
Austriaman the gatekeeper 10.04.2022

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