My reply to autopilot audio tape

Simon Ekperima used his platform to not only attack IPOB media Warriors but all IPOB structure ,that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu put in place that were so dear to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu while he is still in hostage. He won't have done that if he was not on a payroll.

Simon Ekperima attacked IPOB media Warriors and bragged to end IPOB media in 3 months and failed. Only a zoo agent will wish that IPOB media be ended .

Simon Ekperima attacked IPOB leadership structure the Directorates of states . (DOS)A body structure that administer and coordinate all Ipob family globally he went further to organize a YouTube online vote of no confidence on the leadership structure that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu singlehandedly setup and appointed all the officers involved to pilots the struggle without regards to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's feeling or decision a person who he is camouflaging self as a disiple to while mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still alive and reachable. Only a person on a payroll of the federal government of Nigeria will act in that way as destablizing the leadership structure which he setup while they are already holding him hostage will always be the wish of Nigeria government, But fortunately to us and unfortunately to him and his paymaster he failed woefully.

Simon Ekperima ├žollabrated with infiltrators in America and hijacked IPOB ESN account and website even though he knows quite well he was never a registered member of IPOB he didn't mind but falsely claim that he is in charge of Eastern Security Network ESN.

And went ahead to collude with expelled members to hijacked IPOB account using same to defraud Biafrans in the name of fundraising for ESN that he knows nothing about only to end up using some part of the money he defrauded our people in the name of ESN fundraising to recruits some criminals and hoodlums that has turned to kidnaping Biafrans for ransom all over Biafraland and causing insecurities everywhere . He recruited them and empowered them to impersonate E.S.N to legitimize his E.S.N fundraising scam and to help Nigeria government achieve their obligation to get evidence to tag ESN IPOB a terrorists group through the activities of his recruited hoodlums. These are evidence that shows Simon Ekperima is on payroll of federal government.

And the names that were being mentioned on air were all thesame individuals that are now being constantly been Caught as those terrorizing Biafraland through Kidnapping for ransom and unknown gunmen a vindication that Simon Ekperima though in faraway Finland as a refugee he is part and parcel of the insecurities in Biafraland.

No names mentioned by IPOB leadership that later become innocent of what the person was accused of . If anybody have evidence he should present. All the people mentioned on air that were later caught through intelligence gathering from M.Branch in collaboration with Eastern Security Network and community vigilantee group are all guilty as accused through their confession and testimony against them before they are been sent to God for judgement.

Therefore it make no sense defending Simon Ekperima if he is the one that recruited those that are being mentioned on air and later they meet their Waterloo for refusing to repent and turn a new leaf.

There are catalog of evidence of Simon Ekperima recruiting people he called esnmbranch , some he called them 1000 men he has launched some of these so called security outfit earlier this year . But he has never come out to state clearly what is their job where they are what they are doing and their activities ? So that Biafrans can aploud them or disassociate themselves from their activities. Unlike eastern Security Network that that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu established that are under the command of DOS that mazi Chinasa Nwaoru is overseeing .

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