Ndi Ichie are our male ancestors. The predecessors of our existence. Ndi mbu na ndi egede. Those who lived and walked before us. When one lives an evil life, he will not be accepted among the council of Ndi Ichie and will be a wandering spirit with no rest. So when you hear ndi Ichie, don't think of everyone who has ever died in your family but those who lived an upright life. Most of us are reincarnates of our ancestors and we're here to amend what we lost in our previous life.

That is why the awakening is so massive. We were brainwashed before and when we got to the spirit world and found out that what they told us are lies, we reincarnated to make amends.

In your journey as Onye Odinala, you should strife to be in good terms with your ndi Ichie for they are our spiritual backbone. They will direct you to the path of life and make you live an upright life. Some of us spent higher years of our lives binding and casting our ancestors who sacrificed to see us succeed.

Our ancestors who were humiliated, tortured for trying to preserve our culture, tradition and spirituality until some of them gave up and accepted the religion and story book they were forced to take.

Yet they demeaned those ancestors and made us see them as evil with many stories they have to share about them. You call your Ancestors evil yet you call on white men's ancestors to pray for you? What is your business with Peter, Paul Joseph, Andrew, Gabriel? Your Ancestors are evil yet the white men's Ancestors are saints? Haven't you heard enough of HIS-TORY? Won't you seek to know HER-STORY? You are afraid to go to your village because they said there are ancestral curses there and spirits fighting against you, don't you have brains? Since you started firing this ancestral spirits have things become better? No! Worse. The aim of religion is to disconnect you from your original source and enslave you.

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