Ndi Igbo Origin.. Kedu Ndi Anyi bu???

This is my position on who we are, based on my personal studies and convictions..

If your story is that Igbos existed and some of their brothers moved far north and to the Far East to become the present day Jews of Israel.. I AGREE.

BUT If the story is that the Jews existed in Israel and for any reason some of their brothers came down south.. Biko those are not my ancestors..

Going by the datings of the Bible and the available histories of Israel, my own ancestors existed long before Adam, Eve and present day Israel..

Where do you place the radio carbon dating of the excavations at Igbo Ukwu, Nsukka, Ohafia, Afikpo etc some of which are over 100,000 years??..

There existed great acts of civilization in clothing, metal works, food, agriculture which was totally devoid of the white man's influence..

The word Igbo is from Ndi-gboo (the anciest/ first/early people). The language, tradition and culture is quite superimposable to that of the Hebrews.. Also Igbo have been defined in some circles as ndi e gbo (the mediators) that's where derivative spellings like Ndi Ibo ( e bo: Owerri dialect of e gbo.. All meaning mediators)

It is only in Igbo (Hebrew) language that the names of God and the hosts of heaven, as well as those of the pre-Babel human ancestors, have their true meanings. This is why most Jewish, Christian, and Arabian people today do not know the meanings of the names of the Hebrew patriarchs and of Ishmael. Hence, Custance has confirmed my position that neither modern Jews nor any other religious group knows, speaks or understands the true Hebrew language, which is Igbo (ancient) language.

Not everyone was involved in the rebellion that took place at Babel (Gen. 11:1-9). It is probable that the confusion of language did not affect the speech/tongue of the priestly pure seed lineage of Seth led by the patriarch, Shem (Chima), who is the enigmatic Melchizedek (Mala chi Ezedike – “know God, the powerful King”), the Adama Priest of the Most High God - El Elyon (Elu Elu iyi enu – “the Most Exalted One above the divine sea”).

The Igbo Man spoke the Hebrew language from the very beginning of life on earth. And this is why it is only Igbo (Hebrew) language that can provide the means to knowing the meanings of Biblical Hebrew names that the present generic or substitute Hebrew language of today has so far FAILED to provide.

There is a historical perspective supported by facts of genetics and ethnolinguistic origins that the Igbo people were the people of ancient Egypt ( Greek: AÍgyptos’; Egypt in Igbo language: A gọ Ya, a pa atụ, meaning ‘pray to God and take advice’), ruled by the dynastic Pharaohs (in Igbo: efere ọha, meaning ‘your worship of the people’) who built the Great pyramids (in Igbo: pịa Ya Orie ọma ide, meaning ‘the carvings of God at the temple of Almighty God like a heap of sand’). These ancient pyramids are seen to this day in Igbo land at Nsude, Agbaja, Enugu State and at Eziama, Okigwe, many others are submerged underground.

At short periods before 1200 BC and after the Exodus in the 19th Dynasty, the Igbo Egyptians were conquered, enslaved and later expelled by the White people of Turkic origin called the Hyksos or Shepherd Kings, the ancestors of the present-day white Egyptians. They later faced invasions by the White Hellenic Greeks and white Romans. I say white Hellenic

Greeks because there are the Black Arctic Greeks (In Igbo: Ogo rị ike, meaning ‘district of very strong people’) with known historical characters like Socrates (in Igbo: isi a kaara atụ ọsa, meaning ‘the head that narrates the instructions to the people’) and Plato (in Igbo: a pa ilu atụ, meaning ‘crafts proverbs and instructions’).

The place Rome (in Igbo: Orie ọma, meaning ‘Almighty God’s temple’) was the capital city of ancient Italy (in Igbo: itili, meaning ‘dark people’) of the people called Etruscans (Igbo: itiri isi oke ana, meaning ‘people of dark hair of a Great land’) with a language called Latin (Igbo: olu otu ana, meaning language of a united people’). This also shows why many Latin words have Igbo similarities. The Igbo Egyptians were enslaved in their own land and hence called themselves Hebrew (Igbo: ọha e bu ụrụ ụwa, meaning ‘the people who bear the wickedness of the world’) and they called their God, Oseburụwa (Igbo: Ose e bu ụrụ ụwa meaning ‘the God that bears the wickedness of the World’).

The Exodus pushed Igbo people out of Egypt southwards to the land of Canaan (Igbo: oke Nna, meaning ‘the allotment of the Father’).. A land that was Promised by God to their ancestors, they settled as the Nation state of ancient Israel (Igbo: ị zara Eli, meaning ‘you answered the Most High’), which was the other name of the people because of their ancestry from Jacob (Igbo: Ya a kaa ebe, meaning ‘God bears witness’).

The word Jew (Igbo: ji ụwa, meaning ‘they hold the world’) reflected their dominance as the ruling class in the ancient world, particularly, of the people from the tribe of Judah (Igbo: Ya ode ọha, meaning ‘God resounds among the people’).
The letter ‘J’ was lately introduced in the past two centuries into English language to replace ‘Y’ sound in Igbo language. The word YaHWeH (In Igbo: Ya Iho wụ ihe, meaning ‘God the Divine Light that enlightens’) is an Igbo expression about the attributes of God (Igbo: Ọgọ Dị, meaning ‘the Eternal Divine Mercy’).

Worthy of note is, Igbos are not modern Israeli Jews, as revealed by DNA report. This is because the modern people of the state of Israel are NOT the biblical ancient Jews.

God’s creation from Adam (Igbo: A daa m, meaning ‘I fell’) and Eve (Igbo: E wó, meaning ‘the body that transforms into another body’; or woman; Igbo say: e wó mmanụ, meaning ‘transforms into a human being’).

People of Igbo and Southern Sudanese extraction that founded the civilisation of ancient Egypt and ancient Nubia, along the River Nile (Igbo: mmiri Niile, meaning ‘all the waters’)

There are significant gene flows of a common heritage between Nigerian tribes especially the Igbo-Yoruba. In fact, the word Yoruba (From Igbo: oyiri ibo, meaning ‘they look like the mediators’), don't forget that mediators in Igbo: i bo.

In fact, the white skin evolved only 6000-7000 years, so the white Europeans did not play a significant role in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Israel, and Babylon until late towards the beginning of the first century AD..

Hope I have been able to prove to you that the Hebrews and Israel are from us and not us from them... Have a great week.

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