Ndugu Mhali: the Genius Slave who returned to Africa

Ndugu lived ‘lonely’ with his grandfather who devoted his efforts to enlighten the little boy with the true history of Congo and empowers him with secretes to the huge natural resources under the Congoland.
Unfortunately, Ndugu faced the same fate as his parents; he was enslaved at age 8 and was sent away to London.
When the colonizers recognized his acumen in the Congo and African history, and his knowledge in our natural resources deposits, he was considered a huge asset.
The little boy was carried across Europe and America to help in developing exploration guides for the colonizers.
He was sent back to Africa to guide the colonizers to explore Congo’s Resources in 1875 in a company led by Sir Henry Morton Stanley when he was just 10 years. Before coming back to Africa, Ndugu Mhali’s name was christened to Kalulu to reflect the desire of Stanley who dislikes his native name.
In 1877, Stanley while using Kalulu as his servant, embarked on an expedition in the Congo to find the Source of river Nile.
While on their way into this trip, the unfortunate thing happened and Kalulu died in a tragic accident after their canoe has capsized on the Congo River. Though everyone on the canoe was saved, the lateness in rescuing the little African genius let to his death and he was buried along the river.
Africa will continue to remember Ndugu Mhali because he remains part of our history.
My name is Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah and you can always connect with me on Facebook to talk about Africa.

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