Nelly Offoegbu, Madam Oyibo and Ekpa

They are now threatening to expose the real names of the criminals they recruited just to confuse the gullible and make them think that they are in charge of ESN, as to keep the illegal ESN fundraising going.
To start with, Nelly Offoegbu, Madam Oyibo and Ekpa had no knowledge of ESN. They just wanted to try and see whether they can use the fake ESN to confuse the people and again kill the good image of ESN.
The people they recruited have been committing all sorts of evil against our people, ranging from kidnapping, engaging in family and land disputes and chaining their perceived offenders. This was never the reason MNK established ESN. ESN was established to guide our bushes against Fulanii herdsmen terr-orists killing our people. But these entities in USA were recruited by the politicians to duplicate and destroy everything MNK built. Ask yourself this question, before MNK was kidnapped in Kenya and rendition to Nigeria, have you heard any ill thing about ESN? What then happened?
Nelly in a voice note accused those they recruited of taking money from Gov Hope Uzodimma. And vowed she won't give them money again.
Probably, she have made use of them and now they want to discard them. Don't forget that these guys have guns and bullets already. So it means one thing. They will continue kidnapping our people. Nelly and Ekpa have committed lots of evil against our people.
Are you now understanding it? Have you all seen the dangers of supporting indiscipline and insubordination? Have you seen the problem your indiscipline caused. 'Oh, is it not the same Umueri account?' 'Is it not where the fundraising is moving into', some of them have always asked. While the same account was hijacked by Nelly and Madam Oyibo and the money therein they used any how they want. They started massive bribery of people and recruiting of criminals. The funny thing is that up until now, some dumb heads still think Nelly and Ekpa are the ones in charge of ESN. Terrible, isn't it?
That voice note is a sign that Nelly Offoegbu and Ekpa have committed lots of evil in our land. We thank God that they are not just being exposed, they are exposing themselves. Those that supported the madness of Nelly and the lies of Mr Ekpa should bow their heads in shame. That's if indeed they still have shame in them.
ESN has never been under Ekpa or Nelly. With few dollar notes, one can recruit already available criminals and name them ESN, as to fool you into contributing money. All of you that contributed a penny to these criminals through their illegal monthly Ekpa Nelly fundraising will never go unpunished. God will that detest evil will see to that. All the blood of innocent Biafrans they wasted will rest on your heads.
When I speak against duplication, and the need for us to have a central command, I know what I am talking about. One central command will save our lives more. It will stop men and women like Ekpa and Nelly from taking advantage of our people. It will make it difficult for government to commit evil against our people and say IPOB did it. It will above all move the restoration of Biafra forward.
The evils and treachery of you all that in one way or the other supported these infiltrators even up until now will never go unpunished. You will live to regret your terrible action.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.

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