never envy no one or shout that you are envied.

I think some people are practically going mad with the word envy. The way people sing this word these days made me think some people must be sick mentally.

Do they truly understand what this is all about? What actually will one envy about a struggle. Listen, millions might be respecting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, yet I don't envy him. Why should I envy him? Can I possibly take his position, do what is doing? or go through what he has gone through? So why should I envy him?

What is your understanding of a struggle? Activism or speaking the truth? Do you actually understand what it means to stand for the truth in a country like Nigería, that you will stay in a country far away from Nigería and be shouting you are envied.

I am becoming more uncomfortable with the bragging of some people staying outside the shore of Nigería. You brag and shout how you are envied. You claim how you are doing what others aren't doing. Young man you are doing nothing. Telling you that you are doing nothing doesn't mean you are envied. The truth isn't envy, neither is it gossiping. It is what it is... The truth.

Some men are in Nigería doing what is necessary. Saying the truth and facing the most corrupt government. They are always on the run. They can't seek for government job or do anything like others. Because they are constantly looking over their heads. But yet, these men are not bragging and saying they are envied. It is you that live in America and Europe where your safety is guaranteed that will be bragging and shouting how you are envied.

Bro, what you have belong to you and you alone. Your achievements are yours and yours alone. We have no business envying you. We have a lot happening around us. This struggle for us is never a tea cup party. Men are being arrested and imprisoned week in week out. Men are on the risk of losing their lives. You don't know what those in Orlu are passing through. You don't know how many that have become jobless because of their quest to restore Biafra. You don't know that many men have left their house since one year and kept moving and moving. In all these you stay in Europe to say you are being envied. You say you are risking your live while you are in Europe. Which life are you risking? Are you in Orlu or Anambra? You work for the enemy, put people in danger and get paid, yet you think you are doing something no one is doing.

Lots of men are on ground speaking truth to power. They are with their names, pictures and everything. They are dedicated men who have shun the table of politicians until this day. But somehow, men that were e~rating for politicians until 2019 are calling them names and claiming they are envying them. What a people.

If you truly understand what a struggle is, you will never envy no one or shout that you are envied.

For me, I will treasure more men and women on ground sacrificing it all for our freedom. Why are people enjoying total freedom and good things of life making the most noise about what they are doing? Be humble. This is why when people asked MNK to touch down, he announced on air that he is coming. And he came, got arrested and all other things became history.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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