Never you mourn the lost of anyone that joined the infiltrators

The only thing infiltrators have against Elochukwu Ohagi is that he is a school Teacher, and they believe that Teachers are not politicians that can steal and loot billions. They will rather worship politicians that have rendered them useless, but mock Teachers doing their job in truth and honesty. A people that respect evil men flaunting stolen monies. Probably, if Elochukwu is a politician with stollen money, they will be worshipping him.

Dub-ious infiltrators said Nigería politicians paid me 500k when they started their madness newly. Probably, the politicians paid Elochukwu Ohagi to continue exposing them. Isn't that incredible?

Never you mourn the lost of anyone that joined the infiltrators. They are not worthy of this struggle. They were meant to fall out. The struggle to restore Biafra is a delicate one, and the fact that you are struggling to have it restored out of a dub-ious country like Nigería should make you understand that those falling out is for good. Nigería is a country ruled by indisciplined men and women. Men that are dishonest. Men that are not ready to sacrifice anything for their country. So for you to have a country away from what we have today in Nigería, you must be disciplined, ready to sacrifice and remain honest. You must pledge loyalty to your leadership, if you must succeed. Have you seen that those of them infiltrators are nothing close to these things.

Imagine Biafra falling into the hands of liars, dub-ious and dishonest men. To make it more practical, you should think about a Biafra led by men that will claim to be in charge of something they didn't create, something they don't know how it was assembled, yet they lied that they are in charge. Used it to raise funds.

Imagine a Biafra in the hands of indisciplined men and women that can't follow simple instructions. Think of a Biafra led by men that can recruit crimînals to be kîlling and kidnapping their own people. Bunch of liars that can wake up and say you were paid 500k without any evidence. How then did they know of this payment? Did the person that paid it in inform them about it? If yes, who is the person? Do they have the details of the payment? If yes, why not make it public and shame the person you are accusing? Do you actually think if these crimînals have anything against me, they won't bring it out? They have nothing, reason they are shouting he is poor, as if being poor is a crime. Funny enough, those saying these things are still struggling like every other person. They can't be described as rich men and women, yet they mock others.

You must not support the creation of a war Lord in this struggle. We will never slip into civil war and kîlling each other in the name of fighting for freedom. This is not a matter of if you know what to do to give us Biafra, you are free. No way. We have passed that stage. Where were you when men marched and died in Onitsha, Umuahia, Nkpor, Emene and Aba? Were were you when MNK was first arrested and this same media warriors and leadership and lawyers secured his release? Were were you all these years when these men worked selflessly for Biafra and never for one day claimed to be leader or rushed into using IPOB or ESN for illegal fundraising. You joined the struggle, and within one year you started calling yourself leader and raising funds, yet you call others hungry. It is only a hungry crimînal that will start defrauding people using a group he doesn't belong to.

If you think you know what to do, then support IPOB. There must not be any atom of arm group of any sort. Join ESN or support ESN if your blood is hot. Any other thing apart from these is a no no. Once you allow proliferation of arm groups, you have given foreign and local manipulators a chance to either destroy your struggle, or give you an unnecessary unrest in your home land.

Imagine that the last 8 months media battle was fought on ground. Do you know it will be described as civil wa r. Igbo fighting Igbo. Do you know it will be bloody? Imagine that DOS didn't stop them from using crimînals to destroy Biafra land. Do you actually know that Nigería government were able to blackmail IPOB, due to the actions of these infiltrators?

Listen, anyone not ready to follow the instructions of IPOB leadership is not worthy of this struggle.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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