Nigeria: Authorities failure to protect people perpetuates impunity

30 March 2022
Responding to the attack on Abuja- Kaduna train Osai Ojigho Director Amnesty International Nigeria said:
"Amnesty International Nigeria condemns the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna inbound train that led to the death of at least 8 passengers including 27-year-old dental surgeon Chinelo Megafu-Nwando, by armed bandits on 28 March 2022.
The Nigerian authorities failed in its primary responsibility to protect lives. Recently, the country has recorded unprecedented escalation of attacks, incessant killings and abductions that created an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, and heightened insecurity in the state.
Over 26 people were injured and several abducted after armed bandits attacked the Abuja- Kaduna inbound train carrying more than 362 passengers around 8pm on 28 March.
Eyewitnesses informed Amnesty International that the bandits gained access to the train after it fell due to the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) placed on the rail tracks. “They started shooting at the train as soon as it fell and came to the business class coach. While we tried to hide, they forced the doors opened and started shooting indiscriminately. So many people were killed and taken before the soldiers arrived”.
Several people are still missing, as their family members are left in despair awaiting news of their loved ones who boarded the train, says Osai Ojigho, Director of Amnesty International Nigeria.
Amnesty International has recorded many attacks by armed bandits in Kaduna state and other parts of the country. More than 25 villagers were killed in 3 communities in Kagoro village, Kaura local government area of Kaduna state on 20 March, and at least one person was killed when armed bandits attacked the Kaduna Airport runway on 26 March 2022.
Nigerian authorities’ failure to bring perpetrators to justice has enabled impunity to flourish. Despite increased killings, abductions and killings by bandits reported daily the authorities are yet to take concrete steps to bring an end to the ruthless activities of the armed bandits."

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