Nigeria can never get healthy until those parts (regions) that make up this Contraption are separated from each other. When that happens, can we see the reduction in corruption , chauvinistic tendencies and nepotistic characters that are synonymous to numerous different people forged together in this unholy union in 1914 by their invaders as Damnable Zoological Republic, Nigeria.

For example, it is clear cut evident that Obi's stolen mandate, which hitherto enjoyed massive inter-ethnic supports across Nigeria before the 2023 election is today fine-tuned by the West and North as an Igbo mandate agenda which further proved that the contentious union called Nigeria will never heal itself. Nigeria must show that it's problem is just Nigeria, no matter what anybody does.

Now, take a look farther. Judging from the way Yorubas in Lagos and beyond profiled Obi and his people, Ndị Igbo, till date even after getting themselves into power with their cohorts in the North, one do not need a soothsayer to inform him/her that had it been Obi eventually regained his mandate through the courts, his government would've been made ungovernable by these same people.

Ofcourse, judging with the political behaviors displayed so far since assuming unto power, other regions in Nigeria would've united in synergy to ensure Obi's government was made unstable and ungovernable just like they did to Goodluck Jonathan, should Obi start unveiling his economic plans which may not go down well with them (West and North).

Mind you, this same resentment you see displayed by most ordinary Yoruba people are nothing compared to that of their elites. They hate Igbo with passion and vigour.

Recall that two days ago, the political stomach infrastructure Femi Fani Kayode took to his X handle and vomited his usual venomous hate speech against Ndị Igbo.

Yoruba, since early days of Nigeria have this mentality that Ndị will surpasse them in all aspects of life, reason they historically collude with the North to betray and undermine the East (Ndị Igbo) in most issues of national concern.

Yes, a good history student understands these points without a blink of an eyes.

Recall in Lagos, a Yoruba man, from a Yoruba ancestry; great-grandfather, grandfather and father all Omo Eko, is being subjected to rejection because he equally had an Igbo biological traces. His rejection was not about his political or social status but because he was viewed by many Yoruba bigots in their political and elite class as an infidel, untrustworthy before his kinsmen because his mother is 'Omo Igbo'. t
To make matters worse, he went ahead to marry an Igbo woman again.

Laughable isn't it?

It's not funny but take a deep breath and examine how deeply rooted the hate for Ndị Igbo has eaten deep into these people from the days of Awolowo till now.

How can you help this situation if you're to proffer solutions?

How much unity do you have to preach to these people's psyche to stop the hate on ndi Igbo?

What about the unity in diversity mantra of One Nigeria?

What happened to the national slogan " Good people, One nation" of Nigeria?

Where will one have to start in mending Nigeria at least to see if it can work? Where exactly?

These things are foundational problems and cannot be solved by anyone from any region in this Contraption being at the helm of affairs, President. No individual can salvage Nigeria. Nigeria is irredeemable and it's destruction is inevitable. Take it, leave it. It's the truth and it's very obvious before anybody. What we see today is no different from what happened in the house of representatives during the first republics where the West always sabotage the decisions of the South just to gain a share from the power drunk North.


What more should happen to US to show us that Nigeria is not for us?

Why have our people chosen to die for Nigeria even when offered a lasting solution in Biafra? Why?

Nigeria has killed more Igbos than death itself. History is a good record keeper.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB has proffered a lasting solution for us yet we abandoned him in DSS dungeon chasing same thing that have kept impoverishing and killing us since 1945.

Freedom from Nigeria is development in AlaIgbo. Destruction of Nigeria will bring progress to Ndị Igbo. Imagine if Obi is the president of Biafra with these his capacities, what more do you need?

As stated earlier, Nigeria can never heal itself and the earlier we embrace this truth the best for us all.

Family Writers Press International.

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