As the Nigerian Army Releases their falsehood, fabricated and concocted Names, Photos of terrorists accused as the attackers of Owo Catholic Church Massacre. We the global movement and noble family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to tell the Nigeria Government and its compromised security agencies that they are liers from the pit of hell.

IPOB worldwide was waiting for them to come out with this nonsense statements to deceive the gullible minds in the society thinking that every body in Nigeria is shallow minded like them. Nigeria Army thinks that their usual deception will continue to make a headway. NO, IPOB is there to expose them and we'll continue to expose them till they crumbled.

How could Nigeria Army decend so low to cookup this kind of lies to the public without shame? It's so sad that in their lies they can't even lie intelligently.
The massacre of Owo Catholic faithfuls happened on Sunday 5th of June, 2022 and Kuje prison attack happened on 3rd July 2022.
The Nigeria Army claimed that fictitious names they mentioned were escapees from Kuje prison. Will it be that the named persons travelled from Abuja to Owo Ogun State to massacre the people at the Church and afterwards returned back to Kuje prison yard? Nigeria Army should please explain more.
Nigerian Army should stop dragging themselves into the muds.

It is now crystal clear to all and sundry that all the insurgency, terrorists attacks, unknown gunmen and all criminal activities in the South-East and South West were masterminded and cover-up by Nigeria Government through her Security Agencies.
It's pity that Nigeria Government have allowed the Military and other Security Agencies to be infiltrated by terrorists and bandits to the extent they are so confused to coordinate their lies.

The International Community and International Security Agencies should take note of this concocted statement from Nigeria compromised security. This goes to confirm what some of the prominent Nigerians said that Nigeria security are not neutral but are colluding with the terrorists. Some of these prominent Nigerians who raised this alarmed have been murdered or jailed by the Nigeria State. This recent Military concocted lies to cover the masterminders of State sponsored jihad at Owo Catholic Church shows that Nigeria Army is complicit of all fulanis terrorists killings in these areas; Southern Kaduna, Zamfara, Agatu killings, Uzouwan death roll, Nimbo killings, Ebonyi, Nasarawa mutiny and including the recent killing going-on in Imo State.

We are delighted with the statement released by Nigeria Army, and we are publicising their foolishness and stupidity because the God of Biafra have place curse on them to keep exposing themselves.

The Foreign Missions and other Agencies in Nigeria; Canadian mission, Israeli Ambassador, Italian Ambassador, Germany mission, Russian mission, China, Japan, Australia, Britain commission, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Intersocity and other reputable Human Rights Organisations should hold Nigeria Government responsible for all the Sponsored insecurity.

1. Momoh Ojo Abubakar

2. Aliyu Yusuf Itokpka

3. Auwal Ishaq Onimisi

4. Idris Ojo

5. Idris Abdulmalik Omeiza

The above fictitious names of the supposed Owo Catholic Faithfuls killers published are most likely innocent people or the prisoners that Nigeria Army have secretly executed who's identities can't be verified. The world must understand that 85% of Nigerian Army, Police, DSS, Civil Defence Corps, Airforce, Navy are terrorists and criminals operating and causing confusion in Nigeria.

All the Security Agencies in Nigeria in this current Government are headed by Fulanis who exonerates their kinsmen from every terrorism, bandictry and kidnapping activities. Just take a look at the names of Owo Catholic Church massacre released by the Army. They are all from Kogi and non is Fulani as alleged.

However, the two batch of terrorists numbering over 200 who disguised and hid themselves inside a truck carrying animals from North that were arrested by Amotekun recently were all Fulanis. Nigeria Police quickly exonerated the terrorists as innocent Northern merchants. Nigeria Security Agencies have fully been taken over by terrorists and Nigeria Government have everything planned for their fulanization agenda. IPOB is here to tell the world the whole truth and we are being persecuted for it.


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