Nigeria Government Can't Win Against Biafrans

No government can win a war against the people. There is absolutely nothing a government can do should the citizens take up arms against the state. This was exactly why Britain lost the war against the Americans and were forced out of America, there by letting America have their independence.

A government needs to be a government for all, ready to maintain justice for all, and not marginalize a section of the country so that they can legitimately govern without an uprising from the people. And should there be an uprising, such government can be able to manage it, since they have been some how good to the people and not marginalize them. They will at least get people that will stand with the country in utmost patriotism.

No government can comfortably win against a people united in one cause. The problem between Nigeria government and Biafrans were created by Nigeria. After the Biafra war, Nigeria refused to have Biafrans reintegrated into Nigeria. They made sure they never reach certain positions. Every Igbo serving in the military or police will be retired before his or her retirement time, so that he can't be able to head the agency. Same happen in different government ministries. It was like there is a maxim which reads, no Igbo should head anything in Nigeria. Growing up, I read many Northerners and some Yoruba people say that 'No Igbo will ever rule Nigeria'. And they make mockery of the Igbo. They marginalize the Igbo man so much that they can't boast of a single modernized federal road. After borrowing money from China for infrastructural development, they completely excluded South East. And South East is Igbo land. They murdered the patriotism for Nigeria in every sensible Igbo person.

The Nigeria government with their marginalization of the Igbo people united the Igbo and gave them courage to stand against Nigeria oppression. Today, there is IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu standing against Nigeria government oppression of the Igbo, with almost 95% of the people standing with him.
Instead of Nigeria government to opt for a dialogue, they decided to use military against IPOB.

Nigeria government seemed to have realized they can't win this war, as far as the people believe in IPOB and support IPOB. So they devised a means to get the people hate IPOB. This is why some people were recruited to infiltrate IPOB. They wanted to duplicate IPOB, commit crime in the name of IPOB and use the media to pin it on IPOB. By so doing, the people will start detesting IPOB. This is why they actually got some people to start kidnapping, stealing and harassing people in the name of ESN. IPOB will be a failure if they can't control ESN. And the people might seek to go back to Egypt, than have the group that promised them freedom, turnaround to become their ki-llers. This is why they wanted to play IPOB into acting anyhow and doing anyhow. That would have made IPOB loose control of the struggle they started. And with it mark the end of the struggle. This is why I pity those supporting these guys that were contracted by the government. Only if they know what they are supporting.

The gradual defeat of the government contractors is a big blow to Nigeria government. Their only opportunity to make the people hate IPOB have failed. IPOB was able to decode them and stop the infiltrators. Those they recruited to be enforcing the suspended sit at home have been stopped also.

I forsee Nigeria government losing this battle. The recent burning of villages by the government soldiers in parts of Imo state will rather create more monsters against the government, than stop these people.

The country is led by unintelligent corrupt criminals that won't stop until they end Nigeria. I tell you this today. The enemies of Nigeria is indeed her leaders.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.

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