Nigeria Opens Another Way For IPOB By Enlisting Mazi Chika Edoziem As Terrorist

It is laughable that Nigeria government have again bluffed. It cannot be imagined that Mazi Chika Edoziem, the gentle-man that has exceptionally coordinated the worldwide peaceful activities of Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) made Nigeria's list of wanted terrorists. This singular action again justifies the collective decision of the global community when they publicly told Nigeria government that IPOB is not a terrorist organization, hence will not accept nor acknowledge the movement as violent movement. How long does Nigeria intend to continue in this disgrace on her image ?

The very humble and gentle Mazi Edoziem is the reason IPOB still remains peaceful, despite pressures from many Biafrans who are already fed up of the humiliation and heavy handedness of Nigeria State and numerous government provocations that suggests that IPOB should be confrontational. But Edoziem have coordinated IPOB to remain peaceful - an act that has also attracted criticisms to the Edoziem, making some Biafrans referred to him as a man of no action.

Edoziem's peaceful leadership and approach are the reasons some few Biafrans joined Autopilot group which they see as wotowoto(violent) movement.

The enlistment of Edoziem justifies the call for Biafra restoration. This also tells that there is no plan of government being remorseful in their human rights abuses against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and violation of local and international law in extraditing the IPOB leader from Kenya to Nigeria. This recent move shows that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will not get justice in this Tinubus’s administration.

As a citizen of Switzerland with no violence record, I am calling on Mazi Edoziem with IPOB leadership to officially take this matter to the Switzerland government, explain the ridiculous behaviours of Nigeria government in enlisting Edoziem’s name as wanted terrorist. And trust me, this will change the case.

This is not in expectation that Nigeria government will delist the IPOB Head of Directorate Of State(HDOS)'s name, but it will be another great opportunity to IPOB's quest for freedom.

Millions of Biafra are in solidarity with you Sir Edoziem. You can also sue the Nigerian ambassador in Switzerland, press for heavy charges. And believe me, when this is argued in the Switzerland court, you shall win. This matter has opened another opportunity and I want IPOB to take it with bold step. Biafrans are 100% with the IPOB HDOS and shall support every steps taken by IPOB leadership.

I am Emeka Gift, I writes For Family Writers Press International.

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