Following the frustration and failure among the Nigerian Security architecture to blackmail IPOB with burning of INEC and Government infrastructures and killing of Security Personnels in the East, they have upped their blackmailing game with the so called bomb factory in Ebonyi State.

We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of the great leader, Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to debunk the lies and blackmail business of Nigeria Police linking IPOB and ESN to any so called discovered bomb factory in the South East and arrest of two ESN Operatives.

We want to make it categorically clear that IPOB is innocent of this accusation. Nigeria Police don't even know how to present their blackmail accurately. It is unfortunate that the Nigeria government is damaging their remaining image and reputation in the bid to blackmail IPOB and deceive the world into perceiving IPOB as terrorists. Little did they know that the world has Intel that give them accurate information about IPOB activities. Nigeria Government frustration is hightened because IPOB has defeated them in the global arena as well as on the local stage, even with their huge lobbing efforts against us. IPOB is the only obstacle to their Fulanization agenda, hence the intensified diplomatic and media blackmail. But Elohim sent us on this mission, and He alone will give us victory at the end.

We advise the media houses in the zoo and others outside Nigeria to investigate issues before reporting. The more they published unverified reports from Nigeria Security Agencies, the more they damage the small remaining image of their country before the world and tarnish their own image as well.

According to Ebonyi Police Spokesperson, Chris Anyanwu as published in the compromised Newspaper, "The Nation", he said "however, a scrupulous investigation aided by his antecedents/profile with the Police Command proved that he is a native of Obegu, Onicha LGA of Ebonyi State and indeed the factional Commander of the outfit in Obegu”.

The Nigeria compromised Police claimed that the person they arrested is a factional commander of ESN.

For record purposes, ESN and IPOB do not have any faction. IPOB members are individual persons living in their houses while ESN Operatives are in the Bushes protecting our land from Fulani terrorists herdsmen.

Nigeria Government has been trying to create a faction in IPOB and ESN so as to use their sponsored faction to blackmail IPOB, but we have remained one and indivisible IPOB family. Nigeria Police must have planted all the materials and the persons to be used for their dirty business. But as always, Chukwu Okike put us ahead of their evil agenda.

Again, for record purposes, IPOB and ESN don't use bombs in their operations and do not have any bomb factory anywhere. If there is any bomb factory discovered in the East, then Nigeria Fulani controlled Police must have set it up with their terrorist brothers, the Fulani herdsmen who are bomb experts. We demand full and independent forensic investigation into the so called bomb factory so that the lives of our people will not be endangered by enemies whose agenda for years has been to exterminate us and take over our lands and resources.

However, anyone who allows themselves to be used to cause confusion and havoc in the South East should know that they are going to face some serious and stiff resistance from IPOB. We are watching Nigeria Police ridicule themselves and their Government.

We promised to destroy them with truth, not with bullets and bombs. The more they blackmail IPOB, the more IPOB exposes their crookedness and emptiness to the world. Elohim has called us on this mission, and we shall not retreat nor surrender irrespective of blackmail, arrest, torture, killing, and forceful abductions until Biafra is fully restored to an independent free nation.


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