Nigerians Suffering From A Generational Manipulation Of The Mind

You think it is easy to convince people raped for 6years in primary school, 6years in secondary school and another four years in the university that Nigeria leaders are raping them? People that have seen rape, looting and misgovernance as normal things.

When that teacher was seriously teaching them about respect for supposedly corrupt leaders, with its accompanying threats from church leaders who will keep telling them that whoever disrespects a constituted authority will go to hell, without anyone telling them that leaders who are looters, rapists and terrorists sponsors should not be respected.

I call it a generational manipulation. Only the wise escaped, and they are in the minority.

You see an educated pastor telling you to obey your leaders no matter what. And you grow with the mindset that leaders can't be challenged.

You see the lawyers saying that constitution is most supreme, even when the constitution has been drafted by few people to intimidate and enslave many.

That is why you see soldiers obeying orders that demands that they wipe off entire village, rape old women and children. Zarki Ibiam, Obigbo and Odi comes to mind.

That is why you see police obeying orders from their Ogas to frame up people that did nothing.

Our educational system is geared towards weakening the minds of the people, so that they will remain nothing and question nothing.

That is why you see the people attacking those questioning the system and hailing the people raping and looting them.

It won't be easy.

But we must continue!

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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