While we work hard to support the Biafra restoration project consistently with our hard-earned money, some jobless individuals are busy cashing out, making illegal fortune in the name of Biafra.

If you are one of those who have cashed out on IPOB finance, collecting money from politicians with the promise to help influence and keep them in the good book of IPOB. You better utilize the ill gotten wealth, because from henceforth we are closing down every source of your illegal bloody money.

Never again, shall we allow people with questionable characters come near our finances. Never again shall we allow criminals turn the Biafra struggle as their means of livelihood. Especially, those using their relationship with our leader to commit such atrocities shall be treated as enemies of the people.

Freedom fighting is not an enterprise. Go get a job Chineke akpoo gi oku!

Charles Opanwa

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