notorious armed robber called Shina Rambo

In the 1990s, a notorious armed robber called Shina Rambo terrorised South Western Nigeria and the Benin Republic. He was notorious for snatching expensive cars and killing the car owners. He once snatched 50 cars in one day.

Shina Rambo's father was a soldier in the Nigerian Army. As a kid, Shina Rambo saw his dad came home several times with different types of guns and money stained with human blood. He recalled: “I remembered when I was about 7 years old, my father came home with a lot of money, foreign currencies, with blood on it, and they were using something like a woman’s scarf to wipe it, then I asked him, is this an animal’s blood, or human blood? But he wouldn’t answer me, they were just drinking, smoking, and merry making."

Rambo gradually started learning how to assemble rifles and shoot.

When his dad discovered he was gradually becoming an armed robber like him, he tried to kill Rambo, but Rambo ran away from home and became a full time armed robber.

According to Shina Rambo, he fortified himself with spiritual powers by pounding over 27 live new born babies in the mortar with a pestle, cutting off about 100 human tongues and cooking them to eat, visiting the spiritual river called River of Life in Ogoja, Cross Rivers State, living in an Iroko tree for days, and sleeping in the cemetery.

He was so spiritually fortified that the Nigerian Police Force couldn't apprehend him for many years. When his wife and children were killed, he gave up robbery and surrendered himself to the police.

He was jailed for life, but after spending some years in prison, the Obasanjo administration granted him and other prisoners presidential pardon.

Shina Rambo's real name is Mathew Oluwanifemi and he is still alive today working as an evangelist, sharing the story of his life and preaching around the country.



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