Obama Group in Nigeria

The way Michelle Obama spoke last night, you will think that she wasn't the First Lady for 8yrs, you will think that her husband wasn't the president for 8yrs, you will think that Joe Biden wasn't the Vice President for 8yrs. You will think that it wasn't Obama that masterminded the total destruction of the most economically stable country in Africa (Libya) that led to the gruesome murder of the great Pan African (Muammar Gaddafi). The spill over and ripple effects of the destruction of Libya by Obama has undoubtedly energized and boosted the activities of different terrorists groups spreading across Sub Saharan African countries like Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria sending tens of thousands of innocent lives to early grave. Today, every community in my native Biafra (located in South Eastern part of Nigeria) and other parts of Nigeria is running helter skelter and spending huge resources in setting up alternative security measures (vigilant groups) due to fears of imminent attacks as the same Obama America has issued stern warning about the movements of what appears to be a unified terrorists groups from Northern Nigeria to the Southern parts.

If the Democrats are smart and intelligent, why have they failed in every attempt to achieve their ultimate goal which has been to unseat Present Trump in the last 4yrs including their sham impeachment plot?

I stayed out of politics all my life for my sanity and having discovered that it's all about the smartest lies and liars to continue the vicious circle of grip to power.

Lest I forget, it's the same Obama's family that launched a hashtag #Bringbackourgirls campaign instead of providing the much needed assistance to the then government of Goodluck Jonathan in finding the girls and that global campaign was the formula used in enthroning the much awaited Messiah that plunged Nigeria into a chaotic and irredeemable poverty capital of the world.

#Biafra will match soon... support Biafra referendum

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