It is no more news how we woke up to the disgraceful and unreasonable statements by one apostle Suleiman trying to tell Ndị Igbo who their problems were. It is with utter disdain that I condemn in totality the hateful rhetoric's of the said businessman.

How can any reasonable person explain this to me, that an outsider knows me more than I know myself? Isn't that laughable?

You must educate yourself the need to elf preserve yourself before any other person. Our leader spoke extensively about this but many seem not to grasp. Suleiman is not an Igbo man neither is he a cousin to NDI Igbo. How can you side with an outsider against the collective prestige of your entire tribe, race and nation? Are worlds perfect? NO. Why should your tribe be?

Before you make any judgment over any statement directed to your tribe, first to consider is your tribesmen and their overall interest. Secondly is knowing when somebody is speaking to mock you in pretense of saying truth. If you say what he said is truth, why then did you side him over your tribe? Everything about this world is all about politics and when you're not reasonably strong, Eli e gi. Have you asked yourself how his own tribe is fairing? If he said, Igbo are used to destroy Igbo, who removed Sagari, Buhari and host of them from the north? Was it his church members? Or do we go to Yoruba, who removed ambode of Lagos state, jailed awolowo and sacked osibanjo from Lagos state, a Yoruba land?

This is why I said that no tribe is perfect and the sins of few shouldn't be a yardstick to determine a people, race and nation.

Remember that Igbo love themselves, reason why they survived the most brutal genocide meted on them. We also rose passed the war with Almost nothing.

Igbo also didn't destroy themselves when a short breeze of freedom touched them for 3 years of governing themselves. They proved beyond human imagination that they can develop itself with little or no capital, grow her economy and advance her civilization. Evidenced is one of the fastest growing economy as a Biafran state and developments driven by our very own government and don't forget we refined our petroleum products ourselves.

Your hater can never give you what will benefit you neither can he want your progress and good. So instead of allowing an outsider fool you that your own tribe is bad, why not first ask them to show you the perfection of their own tribe.

~Chukwudi Samuel, 20 04 2022.

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