Below is the picture of an Okrika Ijo King,HRM King Ibanichuka,who was acussed of being hostile to the European missionaries and deported on June 5th1896, on board S.Y.Ivy by Consul-General Major Claude MacDonald, Captain.H.H.Galway and Mr.Harcourt the District Commissioner.
King Ibanichuka weilded power not only in his own territory of Okrika Ijo, but also over a wide tract of the neighbouring inland district such as Mboli or Okoni (now Eleme), Obigbo, Ogoni and Isiokpo Ikwerre at which places were Okrika Ijo oil markets and acculturation of Okrikas dress, dance and manner by all peoples of those trade places. The people of OKRIKA are originally Igbos from the interior of Igboland. Over time they were enculturated into Ijaw tradition.

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