On 24 May 2021, Elochukwu Ohagi, narrated this true live event that happened in Onitsha; read it below and compare it with events happening in Biafraland today;

You Have To Read Carefully...
Something happen in Onitsha market during the weekend. I advice you read carefully, for you to understand how devilish and wicked this country is. They are trying to sow seeds of doubt among the people, work negatively on their psychs and make them fight against themselves.
During the weekend, in one of the popular market in Onitsha, a young man came to buy food stuffs. After buying the food stuffs, he refused to pay for the goods he bought. When the seller requested for him to pay, he immediately flared up. He started shouting and telling the trader how they are in the bush defending them and he is here requesting money from him. 'Do you want us to die of hunger'? He asked the trader who is now surprised. Even without the trader being confrontational, he went to fight the trader. He claimed to be ESN, defending the people of Biafra. This attracted lots of traders who came watching him as he molests the helpless trade.
As anger of the people started rising, a man who is on casual wear, clean shaved approached the trader and demanded to know what happened. He told his story, and the accidental stranger told him to wait and left. Within some few minutes, he returned with more men, not known by the traders and neither are they market security men and took the so called ESN member away, together with the unpaid food stuffs.
After they left, people were saying all sorts of things against ESN. Non of them asked very important questions. Questions like...
➡️ Which ESN will expose himself like that? Like come to the market and start fighting people, because they asked him to pay for what he bought? The worse is that what he bought amounts to 4k only.
➡️ When did ESN started molesting people?
➡️ Who is that clean shaved man that came to know what is happening?
➡️ From where did he bring the men that took the so called ESN member away?
Answering these questions will expose exactly what played out.
No ESN member will go to a major market in Onitsha to act like louts. Even to the extent of harassing the same people they are meant to protect. No ESN will expose himself like that, shouting in an open market how he is defending people in the bush. Every wise man knows exactly what played out here.
It is Nigeria security agents trying to poison people's mind against ESN. Nigeria security will never change methods. They use same method all the time, but they refused to understand that time has changed. Things are no more the same. People are getting wiser by the day.
This same method was used by Nigeria Government of Gowon against the coastal Biafrans during the 1967-70 Biafra/Nigeria war. After Nigeria soldiers retook Akwa Ibom axis, they attacked the civilians. The attackers were wearing Biafra uniforms and speaking Igbo while they attacking innocent people. These Nigeria soldiers pretending to be IgboIgbo attackers were then arrested by soldiers wearing Nigeria Army uniforms. It is a dirty show executed by Nigeria Government. Till this very day, indigenous Akwa Ibom people have been recounting this ugly stories. How Igbo people wanted to wipe them out and Nigeria military saved them. Imagine a military that committed atrocities against entire Biafrans... People that went to Asaba and murdered more than 1500 men are the people they said saved them. The same Nigeria military that joined in the pogrom in the North against Easterners are now seen as SAVIOUR while the Igbo that was killed and suffered with them now became their killers and enemy. Sad!
This is Nigeria for you. They will mess up the country and as well use the victims to clear their mess. Imagine that Nigeria Security repeats these things in Cross River, Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa. Gullible people would have bought it and within time, hate will thrive. In Onitsha, people are already talking about an ESN member that molested them in the market. Raising questions like.... Are you sure these people won't rise up against us? Nigeria security trying to lie to the people.
Biafrans must be vigilant. Enemies are not sleeping, so you must not be caught sleeping.
ESN is in the bush and not in the market buying 4k foodstuffs.
They are in the bush confronting Fulani herdsmen terrorists killing our people and raping our women.
Anyone coming to the Market to claim he is ESN member and refuses to pay is a Nigerian security agent trying hard to present ESN in a bad light.
That's why his people were able to rescue and extract him immediately after traders gathered in numbers.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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