One thing Peter Obi's campaign has done

One thing Peter Obi's campaign has done is give some youths a sense of hope. Hope in a country that have not only raped them economically and politically, but have Kîlled and massacred them.

This period has made them forget every thing Nigería has been with the hope of a new tomorrow. Many of them unfortunately felt this way 8 years ago. There were this zeal to destroy corruption by chasing out Goodluck Jonathan. They refused to listen to those telling them that the change they clamour for will be the worse. 8 years after things have become worse. Worse than they met it.

Realistically, I don't see men that asked Nigería soldiers and police to open fire on the youths in Lekki tollgate for two consecutive times, bending to the demands of these youths.

In other words, for the youths to break this strong camel's back, they need to do the unthinkable and be ready to die for what they believe in. The question is, how many youths are ready to die? How many of them are ready to jettison ethnicity and tribe to enthrone Peter from 'ordinary' Labour Party? Not a sizable number I must say. But is it not the height of foolishness to even contemplate of dying for Nigería or Nigería politician?

I fear that the youths are being weakened by today's faith in PVC and electoral system. The youths have failed to ask themselves what they will do should the system rig them out as usual. Go to court or bring down hell? Or will they wait for another 8 years as they dangerously leave the threshold of their youthful age, to retire a defeated old men and women.

The system has never changed. It is same system that have denied people of their mandate. The same system that rigs with reckless abandon. The same judiciary that will declare fourth position the winner of an election. Have the youths thought about this? Are they ready to revolt in the face of injustice and massive rigging? If they react, and the military fires at them, what will be their reaction?

The truth is that the youths might not succeed, and should they succeed miraculously, nothing will actually change in the real sense of it. When you finally get to the Nigería sit of power, you will understand that it is never easy so to say. You will understand that lots of corrupt entities determine what happens, and you must bend to them. Not even a Peter Obi can restructure Nigería.

This is why I don't have hope in Nigería. I don't believe in any Nigería politicians. I know that nothing good can come out of Nigería. I am not fooled by the shout of Obi or PVC. We will be here God's willing to see the end of it all.

Do not forget. It is not a crime to divide Nigería. Referendum is never a call for war. It is better to divide in peace than keep kîlling each other in the name of unity that doesn't exist.


Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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