Only God Saved Biafra Movement From Destruction

The APC Fulani led Nigería government really tried in trying to end IPOB. And those they used to perfect their plans also did a wonderful job, I must say.

Those they employed first used the doctrine of working hard to enter into lots of people. Those of them in USA employed by the politicians donated money to IPOB. With this they were seen as those that truly want the freedom of their own people. Since they are mostly women, and MNK have said in one of his broadcast that when our women will rise up, Biafra will come. Politicians took hold of this statement and unleashed these women on IPOB through USA. Yes, MNK also said that Biafrans in USA will fund the movement. I guess the Nigeria and British agents were listening too.

The other one in Finland also did a wonderful job. In as much as I know that he was backed by the politicians who made Nigería media available to him and at the same time loaned their e~rats to him. Yet, I must confess that he played smart. He fooled lots of people and still fooling some till this day. One need to be a well coordinated crimînal to do what the crimînal in Finland did for the past One year.

IPOB has never received the type of fight they got from these crimînals. In 2015, those DOS members that worked against the struggle never intended to have the struggle destroyed so to say. They weren't recruited or paid to do what they did. It was just a misunderstanding their ego didn't allow them to manage properly. But that of today's infiltrators was clearly unleashed on IPOB by the dub-ious Nigeria government. They were recruited and handsomely paid.

The first thing they did was to get people they will work with. They started working on the mindset of some people. There are some they used monetary inducement to get. They bought gadgets for them. There was this guy that told me about him being depressed and had no job. I do encourage him then. I remember telling him to get something doing as things are even hard for those working, not to talk of someone not working at all. One day, he told me about some one that promised him gadgets for media. Within days, he told me he have received some camera for the media work. I congratulated him.
After some days, he started coming inbox to fault anything done by DOS, and I kept putting him aright. When I noticed that he doesn't care if your argument is superior to his, I asked him to stop coming into my inbox. This guy became one of the staunch members of autopilot, but somehow I never saw him blackmail me like other of his friends.

Some they recruited with mere lies. They kept going inbox telling people that DOS sold MNK and that they got evidence. When you seek evidence, they will tell you how it will still be made public. It is one year since MNK was kidnapped and none of them cared to present their evidence. One of them came inbox and told me he will like to discuss something with me. I said OK, I will be waiting. After some days, he came again and narrated now he wanted to discuss one secret with me, but he found out that I am not emotionally strong to take it. I laughed and told him to leave me alone, that he is not serious. Imagine someone that always put his entire life on social media telling me I am not emotionally strong to be told something. Actually, I noticed they are afraid of letting me in. It might not end well if they do.

There was this particular Indonesia based man that contacted me sometime last year. He asked me about how much will gadgets for what I do on media cost, I told him I can't quote as quoting is not my thing. Such things should come as free will donation. He later brought up issues of DOS and the struggle. I told him that DOS is the highest governing body of IPOB after MNK. He then disappeared after that discussion. Probably, the response has shown him that I won't shift. I remembered him few days ago and sent him a message. In that message I ask him if he is supporting the crimînal in Finland. He replied that he support anyone doing something for Biafra, both DOS and the criminal in Finland. Immediately, I cleared my suspicion. He was actually one of them, who was used to make a pass on me. Anyone still telling you at this time that he support both DOS and the crimînal in Finland is compromised, and should be feared more than those supporting the crimînal Nigería agent in Finland.

We were thinking that we all are still on the same page, without knowing that they have gotten into lots of people. They wanted to recreate IPOB. For MNK, they have prepared the crimînal in Finland to take his position. For DOS, they have prepared DOE. Same thing with ESN and MBranch. IPOB they planed to replace with Autopilot. The end game is simple, after taking over, they terrorise our people and force them into speaking against the struggle, and with it crash the entire movement.

These guys have smart handlers whom I will keep saying are foreigners. Since they were getting funding from the government, they needed to dilute the money, so that people won't question their source of funding. Do you know what they did? They started fundraising online using IPOB and ESN. With the fundraising, gullible people thought they are being sponsored by the people. That was a lie. They weren't in charge of ESN and they are not the ones paying IPOB lawyers, so tell me why they raised funds using IPOB and ESN. Do you now understand their game?

Don't forget how long it took IPOB to own a radio and transmit on FM. But within a twinkle of an eye, these crimînals announced they have gotten a Radio with presence in Biafra land. Again, gullible people kept praising such fraud. It was actually the government that gifted them such things. With the money they were given, they thought they can have IPOB destroyed.

Today, they all have been defeated. Their lies have all been debunked. They claimed that MNK will thank them when he regains freedom, but MNK's wife came out recently to call them ectoparasite. She went further to wonder how someone outside a plane's cockpit can declare autopilot in a plane he knows nothing about. And some of them are already insulting her.

Brothers, you didn't just fought infiltrators, you fought Nigeria government fronting as our brothers and again you defeated them all.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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