There is no Igbo man who is not happy and in support of your government although many including myself supported election boycott but, looking at your records, you are a full blooded Igbo man!. We now give you that support.
For some days now since you Officially took over as the new governor of Anambra State, you have been trying to dissipate more energy on the issue of Monday sit at home than other things.
Mr. Governor, one thing you must understand is that Monday sit at home cannot stop you from working for Ndi Anambra and Igbo land.
When Ipob Leadership started this sit at home, many of us welcomed it because that's the only thing we can use not to pay Mazi Nnamdi kanu back for his efforts for us.
Sadly, some hoodlums took the opportunity to inflict heavy attacks on our people. The attack on students writing waec in Imo state made Ipob to officially lift the Monday sit at home!.
Even at this, the people are still observing it today because that's a little sacrifice we are using to say Thank you Mazi Nnamdi kanu for standing for us when we had no voice!.
Sir, one thing you must understand is that no one or group is influencing this sit at home. It is a voluntary action. Infact, when Ipob lifted it, they made it known that they are not against those observing it but the attacks on those who are not observing it must stop!.
Sir, Monday sit at is not the cause of poor economy in South East rather our so called leaders. I have a proof to this.
1. How come Obiano met over 75b, $150m from Peter obi and embezzled it leaving just 400m for you with over 100b debt!. Is the sit at home the cause?
2. If you go to Abia State, you will ask wether those who claimed to be our leaders really loved Igbo land. For over 21 years, Abia State under the trio of Orji Uzor Kalu, T.A Orji and Okezie Ikpeazu has become an eyesore!. Infact, it is now worst under the current incompetent Ikpeazu who has looted the state dry! Is sit at home the cause?
3. Sir go to Imo State where hope Uzodimma has turned to a war zone while he doubles his looting through the so called security vote. Can we also blame the sit at home?
4. What of Enugu state that Ugwuanyi has handed over to God while it keeps deteriorating. Should we blame sit at home?
5. Can we talk about Ebonyi that Ebubeagu and communal crisis have taken over while UMAHI does nothing about it?
Mr. SOLUDO, can you in all sincerity tell us any hospital, school, industry etc that is working in Igbo land?
Do we have electricity? Can we boast of good roads? Where are the infrastructures?
In all these, we have governors, senators, rep members, state House of assembly members etc. What are they doing?
The airport Obiano built in Anambra state, can this kind of Airport be accepted in USA where he was rushing to visit in less than 6 hours after handling Anambra state over to you?
Mr. Governor, what you need now is to reach out to Ndi Anambra both home and abroad to bring their wealth of experience in developing Anambra state.
I am happy you met Obi Cubana , you have to meet others. It's time to bring their industries, businesses etc back home and you make sure you give them enabling environment!
Again, you must also recover every penny Obiano embezzled!!!
These are what you ought to be doing than being preoccupied with the issue of sit at home!!
Ndigbo practice democracy and are Republican in nature!. If someone says he doesn't want to leave his /her house, it's their right to do so!.
Like I said earlier, nobody is influencing this sit at home!! If anyone attack people in Anambra in the name of enforcing sit at home, deal with the person or group!
Until Mazi Nnamdi kanu I out, it will continue voluntarily but I don't support Infiltrators using it to attack PEOPLE!!!

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