Open letter To Innocent Orji

I read in a tweet where one FG Contracted Finland Refugee and cyber scammer Simon Ekperima announced his alliance with your BNG led group for whatever government in exile .

I welcome such development , as an advocate for freedom of association . It is within everyone's right to associate with individuals or groups that fit in to same idealogy of what the group or individuals is pursuing and at thesame time pullout when he or she wishes .

Therefore I cannot oppose such decision despite the use of scared name of Biafra in whatever intention of your allies group.

But as one of IPOB media personnel and as someone who is very much involved in Biafra agitation for the freedom of our people . I wish to draw your attention in self to be inflicted danger that might follow suit .

1: Indigenous people of Biafra ( IPOB ) is one and has no faction. Its leàder is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The apex body is known as (D.O.S ) Directorate Of States . The head of Directorate of state is HODS Mazi Chika Edoziem.

2a IPOB has its security outfit established in December 2020 by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of global family of IPOB with a mandate to drive out terrorists in our forest and farmland to give our aged parents a conducive environment in their farm work and enforce government banned but neglected open grazing law in Biafraland. The security outfit is called Eastern Security Network (E.S.N) when i say terrorists I mean every element of terror in our forest and farmland and in Biafraland at large irrespective of tribe and religion of such persons or group including state Sponsored.

2b: The world and international community are very much aware of activities of Eastern Security Network ( E.S.N) and many nations admire her courage and good work in protecting lives and properties of vulnerable Biafrans. As testimonies of their good work are very much manifest in every communities in Biafraland.

3 IPOB Apex Body a.k.a Directorate of state (D.O.S) are full in control of day to day affairs of eastern Security Network (E.S.N) and the commanders of this outstanding security outfit takes order only from that one central command not from any politicians, religious leaders , traditional leaders , or any individual or scammers who may pose himself as esn (ekpa simon njoku) to be in charge wíth intentions to defraud unsuspecting Biafrans of their hard earned money .

Above clarification necessitated this open letter to you . Because an Igbo adages says (oshimiri anaghi eri Onye onafughi ukwu' Anya ) ocean does not eat who its did not see his leg or who didn't visit it or swim it .

For this purpose it is very important to notify you and your new allies with refugee government to be mindful of associating IPOB activities, ESN activities and Mazi Nnamdi with whatever your ally group might be intending to do in future.

Doing that will end up jeopardizing the lives of handful of the boys you always showcase in a bush as BNG team .

Since over 12 months plus that the Refugee Finland Based Simon Ekperima reached a deal with federal government to use his YouTube and blog page to incite insecurity and encourage all sorts of Criminalities, kidnapping for ransom, arsonists, calibalism , rapists in Biafraland in desguise of fighting for Biafra. Many innocent Biafrans has paid so dearly , properties worth millions has been destroyed , lives has been lost .

While all blame were blamed on eastern Security Network . (ESN) Because the government backed this individual up to associate his criminal incitement with IPOB ESN and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Until IPOB media and the apex body of IPOB the DOS endlessly keep debunking his criminalities while exposing the identity of the criminals to the communities where they operate . Today most of those who indulge themselves in criminalities and hoodlumsism because Ekperima inspired them to join criminal gang as a means to get Biafra are already languishing in the other part of the world receiving their share of judgement.

Thesame fate awaits the handful of your boys if your alliance to the so called autopilot government in exile associates IPOB , Mazi Nnamdi , or ESN to any of your yet to carry criminal activities that are being hatched .

To before warned is to before harmed .

Anyi Kings August 3, 2022

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