OPERATION THINK: Okoro And Sons Phinomenon

According to the erudite Professor Pat Utomi , the Igbo man's business or company do not have the capability to compete with multinational companies like Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Ford, Toyota, Guinness, Coca-Cola to mention but a few. This, he attributed to Igbo man's mentality of Okoro and sons LTD, meaning every Igbo man has it in mind from the inception of his business that his biological son will succeed him at the event of his retirement or demise.

Imagine if GUO, Ekenedilichukwu ,Blessed Ezenwata, GMO, Ifesinachi, The young shall grow, peace mass transport, ABC etc. Imagine if all these aforementioned business mogul pull their resources together to lay foundation for a multinational company, with time, it will compete with the likes of Toyota . What gives nerve to the sustainable growth of those conglomerates that grace your screen with investment opportunities on daily basis is a well desinged Organogram,vision and mission statement.

Lets bring it home, the structure of IPOB is among the strong force driving this struggle. Let's see it this way, the structure is more than the person occupying a particular position in the entire structure . By mere scraping of the office of Deputy director, Uche Mefor became irrelevant and useless with all his loud mouth of destroying IPOB, today he has joined the bandwagon of gossipers.

A lot of people shouting "DOS Ndi Nzama" on social media platforms don't even know the meaning of DOS or how many people occupy the top managerial cadre in the IPOB structure known as DOS.

IPOB is massive and by its size is more or less a nation. So don't think by loosing focus on the struggle and writing garbage against the leadership that you can destroy almighty IPOB, you can only hurt yourself. IPOB is like a giant Octopus, as you struggle to disentangle your miserable self from one tentacle the other seven is actually coming for you.

As we gradually bade farewell to 2022;

1. Examine yourself if actually you are suppose to be a member of IPOB based on her ideology of non violence agitation for self determination. If not then join those who you believe their own approach and always append the name of your group on your exploits so IPOB should not be held responsible for your own actions.

2. Verify every information before sharing it online, because a lot of people may decide to go to court to save their reputation and their family name from your slander.

3. Don't crossover to next year with your lies against anyone whether within or outside the struggle you will actually appear stupid publicly when the actual truth is unveiled.

4. As an IPOB member, you suppose to know before now that issues concerning the family is not settled online, we have conflict resolution committee, issues come online when the leadership has taken decision on that just to pass vital information so that members will not act in error.

A word is enough for the wise.
Lets continue our #FreeMaziNnamdiKanu campaign.

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