Opinion : If It Is Not Eastern Security Network Under IPOB, Do Not Support It - Elochukwu Ohagi

The government wanted proliferation of arms. They wanted to raise a militia group. That's the only way to cause confusion and destroy the strength of IPOB. In a state of chaos and confusion, you can scatter an organized group. That's what they did to #EndSARS protest and it worked. That's the reason for the introduction of do any how, act any how by their contracted infiltrators. That's why they contracted people to infiltrate IPOB, and use them to create splinter groups.
What government do all over the world is create a splinter group, use them to fight the main group, and as they are fighting, the government will then come in and wipe the two groups off. The Infiltrators came and claimed they are organizing ESN fundraising. They claimed they are now in charge of ESN. It is all but a lie. What happened was that they infiltrated the ESN, got some people to decamp. Just the same way they did to IPOB media and even coordinators. This was why MNK kept hammering that those in diaspora should not be calling ESN members. But most of them in USA kept flouting this order. Some of them in USA created another armed group. This group were the people they were using to cause problems every Monday in the name of IPOB. They are loyal to the government, but receive their money from the third party known as the infiltrators.
Around Ideato and environs, these group of criminals recruited by infiltrators have caused great harm to people every Monday. In Ideato, they move around stealing from POS operators and shop owners. They destroy people's goods and burn shops. As they do this, Nigeria media will keep reporting it as IPOB.
This week, news broke that the same group united with Ebubeagu to keep terr-orizing people. ESN engaged the group for more than 5 hours and ended up killing their kingpin. This report angered the infiltrators and made them loose it all. They had to even promise the world and Nigeria that they will prove that IPOB is a terr-orist group. I found out that what gives the infiltrators courage is their ability to recruit criminals and buy off people.
IPOB must understand that they must do everything necessary to stop the rising of any arm group from every quarter. This is not a matter of if you know what to do for Biafra, do it. This will make untrustworthy people rise up with arms. People you don't know who their sponsors are. We must understand that the reason we are behind IPOB is because we know that the people are their sponsors. They don't have politicians that control them. This is why I continue to speak against proliferation of arms. Never you support such. This is the time to hold your emotions in check. If it is not ESN, they are dangerous to your freedom. And when ever an ESN member stopped taking orders from IPOB leadership, he ceases to be called a member of ESN. You are ESN because you are loyal to IPOB under Mnk/DOS.
We must protect Igbo land from government sponsored group. All that glitters you must know is not gold.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.

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