otellectuals try to rubbish the report of a Methodist Venerable

You see, I have watched the otellectuals try to rubbish the report of a whole Methodist Venerable just because what he said has proven that IPOB is indeed innocent. They would have believed the story had it been he was kịlled and his kịllers faked it with Igbo Language. Then they will be all happy and blame it on IPOB.

I can feel the pain in their voices, trying to discredit the report. But unfortunately, whatever they do changes nothing. The fact remains that, if it is the Fulanii, it is the Fulanii. If they have come, they have come. If their agenda is to get weapons and takeover Igbo land then it is what it is. After all they just got a 100 million. If they are waiting for signal to strike, it is what it is. If the military is working with them, your trying to fault what the man of God said changes nothing. Didn't you hear about those opening fire on private car owners in other parts of the East? In Ezinifite Road, it is happening. People are being kidnapped. I have read another person telling the same story about his experience in Arondizuogu. But you are not worried. It suit your media campaign against IPOB.

Don't just forget. Many years ago, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said the Fulanii are coming. He said they will kịll our people. He said when it starts you all will beg him to come and he will not come. That day is dangerously approaching. You now dub-iously speak for the Fulanii, trying to exonerate them from something they are more than capable of.

Didn't the Fulanii tried to enter Igbo land in great numbers during covid 4-1-9? Did you not see them heading South using Dangote lorries? Do you know how many that passed without being caught? Are they not in Bini forests? Is it today they started staying in Lokpanta axis of Abia State?

Listen, you can deny all you want, but it changes nothing. When it will happen, they must have gotten enough weapons. They will declare jihad and the military will be no where to be found. They will take you on from your bushes. They will encircle you. And you will have no weapons to fight back. They will be killings without confrontation. You will speak English from now till tomorrow and nothing will come out of it. Some of you otelectuals and efulefus will all run away, leaving behind your families and friends. Those of you politicians are paying 30k to lie for them will have no where to run to.

At that time, not only that you will be calling on ESN for help, you will drop your otelectualism to seek to join ESN. But it did be too late then. For you can't build something on nothing. You can't join something you helped to destroy.

Just keep fooling yourselves in the name of supporting criminals masquerading as politicians.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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