Our Ancient Writing System (Nsibidi).

The Nsibidi Writing system of west Africa dates back to 5000 BC. The Nsibidi (Nsibiri/Nchibidi) writing system used among the Igbo, Efik, Ibibio, Annang, Banyang, Efut, Oron in the present day Nigeria and Cameroons, originated among the Ejagham (Ekoi) people of Cross River, of present day Nigeria, while the Greek writing was not fully in use until 1400BC and Asian languages until 3000BC.

The Nsibidi and other written African languages are known to have developed outside Arab or European influences. African languages are several centuries older than Asian written forms. According to Dr. Clyde Winters book The Ancient Black Civilizations of Asia, the oldest known form of writing developed between 5000 and 3000 B.C in sub-Saharan Africa now known as Proto-Saharan writing.

NOTE: The present world order relegated this very important cradle of civilization to the background because of their mischievous agenda. But, it's only us that will revive our history, our civilization, our dignity, in order to occupy our rightful space in the world.

Culled from Jonas Rafael

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