Our struggle for total liberation

Our struggle for total liberation requires wisdom and not emotions. IPOB is well structured freedom movement with its well planned blueprint. Every situation we encounter has its own master plan. If you are too emotional you WILL fallout with IPOB.
In freedom fighting, there are no permanent decision. Order can be given this morning and at night it will be called off. That is why I said every situation has its own master plan. For the fact that a movement calls for boycott of election doesn't mean the same movement cannot cancel the boycott.
For the fact that Sit at home was announced does not mean that the same sit at home cannot be cancelled after much evaluations. It is not a sabotage, it is not a betrayal as some people made some of our people to believe.
If you call it a sabotage or a betrayal then you are making me to believe that our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has betrayed or sabotaged the struggle, because he has called for election boycott and later cancelled it after much evaluations. Are you now saying that with that action our leader has betrayed Biafra? I believe no sane person will think or say that.
In conclusion, if you must work with IPOB, you must never allow your emotions to override your sense of reasoning. Tough decisions can be taken in desperate situation, don't see it as a sabotage or betrayal, don't join the enemies in calling this great leadership a betrayal. Wisdom is required of all of us than emotions. Tough Decisions are made for tough time, every situation we found ourselves in this struggle has its own strategy .Wisdom is needed and not emotions.

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