The Children of Alkebulan (African) were born into mighty Wealth and lived in great abundance, we were living in Abundance of riches and wealth, a rare privilege we didn't understand its value.
They say God is Partial yes indeed, but in our favour.
We wore pure and original Diamond, Gold and silver, our Kings, Queen's Emperors, Empresses and merchants ruled with great power, Wealth, Riches and influence, but one thing our forefathers lack is the knowledge on how to protect our God given rich heritage.
As at the time the white men came they were perplexed at the great wealth they saw in Alkebulan, it was unimaginable, they have never seen such Wealth before because while we were living in abundance they were living in poverty and lack, after they came and surveyed our land, they made attempts to conquer which they had their way, they started harnessing our wealth, due to the fact they have known poverty for a long time they took our Wealth and started rebuilding and developing their walls to eradicate poverty and avoid their children suffering continues hunger in future, they thought of it, how they can continue harnessing without obstruction? they introduced to Alkebulan the politics of Poverty meaning they exchange their poverty for our Wealth.
They tell the Alkebulan leaders to use the Oligarchy system of politics whereby only the few corrupt leaders, merchants and their family will have access to Riches, Wealth and good life, while the masses earn peanuts and struggle to get resources enough to help them survive.
While Alkebulans are struggling the whites keep on harnessing our wealth, to build their nations up to the extend most Alkebulans are fleeing to the white mans country to earn a better life and after making that money they are not fulfilled because, an Alkebulan was created to be attach to his root not far from his root our Wealth is too mighty for we to stay away from our root, God is not a waster of Resources.
Look at Ethiopia that was never colonised by any country is impoverished today because the white man found his way to introduce the politics of poverty to the their leadership that's why Ethiopia is currently poor.
Even as I publish this write up always bear at the back of your mind no country in Alkebulan is poor! I repeat no country in Alkebulan is poor!! Its the citizens that are been impoverished by the leaders due to the oligarchy system of government introduced to our leaders by the white men, the country without so much resources in Alkebulan will still rule a white country with full authority when we set things right, that is to show you how Wealthy and Rich we are.
Let me tell whenever they is crisis going on here in any Alkebulan country, you think the white countries don't care, don't be deceived they are more worried than we Alkebulans, the thief is worried about the place he goes to steal from, than the owner of the place.
They are worried because they know we are that continent, when we get our redemption they will go back to their poverty.
We are that continent when we rebuild our walls we have no business travelling to their land for greener pastures.
We are that continent that will never import anything from the white mans country because we have everything in our continent so our importation and exportation will be within our continent Alkebulan.
We are that continent our visa and passport system will be a sort after by the white man when we develop our land.
And that is what we are doing, that is the reason why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is in detention his arrest from Kenya is not in the hands of Nigeria government alone, Nigeria government is just a willing tool to the white leaders who are actually responsible for his arrest.
The whole Western and Europe countries are in fear because they know his impact is influencing other Alkebulan Countries, in few years to come the white countries will go back to their origin of poverty.
While we Alkebulans will redeem and rebuild the walls of Alkebulan and and enjoy our heritage of mighty Riches and Wealth.
Write-up by: Chiamaka Obieze
Published by: Voice Of The Coast Media Connect
Topic under political analysis and ancient history in the university.

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