The story of Nigeria cannot adequately be narrated without explaining how Nigeria itself came about.  Unlike nation states that formed organically, Nigeria is man-made, and hence, has a beginning and a date associated with that beginning.

Prior to the later part of the 1900s, Nigeria was not in existence.  Britain had eyed the region for some time and later took over what is today known as Lagos through an invasion. The invasion took place in 1851 and Lagos formally became property of the British ten years later. The British thirst for blood and its insatiable appetite for thievery did not stop at taking over Lagos.  The entity expanded its invasion to grab what was left of Yoruba land, Benin, Biafara (Biafra in English), and the Mohamedian Emirates of the north.  The north, however, had much less for the British to steal and so they staged their seat of power in the south where resources were abundant and ruled the north from there.

Some citizens of the nations that Britain stripped of their nationhood when it created Nigeria are now waking up to the realization that the British product called Nigeria is no longer working.  One must ask one important question: Did it really ever work?  There is always calm before the storm. Those who mistake the calm that prevailed when federating entities that make up Nigeria were semi-autonomous as proof that it can work could not be farther from the truth. Blackman has always proven to lack the mental capacity for analysis; consequently, there has always been strategic deficit in his approach to problem solving.  No matter how much he is surrounded with historical proof about a given subject or problem, he is apt to assume the easiest way out rather than proffer a realistic and lasting solution.  And when there is no easy way out, he will relegate it to his god to resolve for him what every other people have resolved for themselves. It is this mental incapacitation that has rendered the wealthiest continent a pauper with millions of impoverished citizens.

At the heart of sub-Saharan Africa’s problems lie the way it has been rearranged by invaders who had nothing good but evil intent for the people they came to kill and steal from.  In the case with Nigeria, Britain made sure that the banquet is left in the hands of the have not.  When a hungry man is left in charge of the harvest, he will cart away everything in the barn for himself while seeking to kill the inhabitants of the land from which the harvest comes.  Again, as it applies to Nigeria, it is not only that the Islamic north was installed by Britain to rule Nigeria; that Islamic north is the least equipped to run anything.  They are the least educated and least learned; the least that one would expect to have knowledge of basic economic principles, market forces, and democratic institutions.  It is irrelevant to a given Fulani, man or woman irrespective of educational level, what the laws of any discipline stipulates, the interpretation and application must be validated within the Islamic prism since their religion is their way of life and unyieldingly central to their entire existence. Against this back ground, it is inherently impossible, therefore, for a different culture to exist, let alone thrive within a country shared with Fulani people. Historical evidence shows that they are readily prepared to kill in order to usurp themselves and their culture over any other culture and people they share space with. Their way of life is to dominate and usurp; to rule and never to be ruled.

Any arrangement to share the same space and country with the Fulani is one that is not well thought out.  Biafara (Biafra), a nation that has been in existence before the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain early in the 1700s had a far more advanced civilization that even surpassed that of Persia.   Biafra is repulsed by Nigeria not just because it has not worked, but unequivocally, that it can never work.  Concoction like Nigeria has never worked anywhere since the history of mankind. Those who characterize Nigeria as a nation possess limited ability for contrast.  It is just a country that is made of diverse nations each of which is remarkably different. 

As a result of the staggering level of stupidity embedded in the brains of an average black man, he will be anticipated to approach the dissolution of Czechoslovakia into two nations with zero discernment.  He will also not walk away from Yugoslavia with any lesson learned about a country that broke into five independent nations; nor would the collapse of the Soviet Union engender a change in the paradigm from which a black man perceives problems.

And how about Canada and her Quebec province?  Those who say that Nigeria can work must be asked to explain why Quebec, with the sole difference with the rest of Canada being that they speak French, often opts for referendum to break away from Canada. Although some in New Brunswick and the northern part of Alberta speak French, Quebec is known as the French speaking province.  They have the same culture as the rest of Canada. The same value system as well as religion.  Only that difference in language is the SOLE reason they opt for referendum every now and then to break away from Canada. The sole reason that Belgium almost broke up between 2007 and 2011 was the differences in language among the Dutch, French, and German speaking regions. Other than that variation in languages, they have everything else in common.  Nigerians and the rest of the Sub-Saharan Africans will remain incapable of absorbing the implicit lessons there are to learn about the countries mentioned here. 

A given intellectual pauper will simply assume that Nigeria’s problem is not foundational but that god just has to provide a good leader and therefore, that people should pray.  When was the last time a foundation made for a bungalow carried a twenty storey building after some prayers?  What sort of a stupid god can nurture something that is not only afoul of his wishes but also something he did not create? Some have and still say that re-structuring is the answer to Nigeria’s woes. Others run with the nonsensical rhetoric that “there is strength in diversity.”  Where exactly has that happened? Is it in Japan, China? Is it in Europe, or America? Those who make such useless assertions must ask the blacks in America how fantastically diversity has worked for them.  They must ask the Aborigines in Australia how beautifully diversity has worked for them.  They must go to New Zealand and dig out the bones of the extinct black people that first inhabited the land and ask them how glowingly diversity worked for them. These intellectual dwarfs must ask the Shiites how smoothly and lovingly they have lived alongside Sunnis.  And if the illustrations provided here thus far seem insufficient, then one must not fail to congratulate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on how amicably it treats all branches of Christianity; and wish on their daughters the treatment of Rohingya women in the Buddhist hands.  Diversity incubates hatred. It nurtures and disperses hatred. The evil that is Nigeria cannot be restructured.  It is an entity that is not short of something that only Satan itself can create and as such, must not be subjected to restructuring.  It needs to die and the sooner it dies, the better; for far too many an innocent have perished in its wake. The death of Yugoslavia gave birth to five nations that continue to progress.

Far too many black people are either miseducated or failed to absorb even the minutest of knowledge and so when it comes to application, they are grounded in deficit. This is why Africa is poor.  As the average black man is clamoring for ‘one Nigeria’, his brain is not developed enough to warrant asking himself why Europe is separated into nations with every one of them sharing the same value system and living under the laws that augment that common value system and way of life.  A black man looks at how the Asian entities are organized into nations functioning progressively; still adequate appraisal of his own surrounding eludes him. Would Britain accept for itself what it left for Nigerians? Could the one-Nigerianists go to Europe and create a country just like Britain did? The guaranteed outcome of diverse cultures and diverse value systems sharing the same space and time is anarchy, chaos, strife, dishonor, and eventual death. 

Black man was taught that his prayer should be “give us this day our daily bread” but the Satanic, perpetual criminal that gave him the prayer amasses wealth to himself to last till eternity.   With all the lessons he is surrounded with, an average black man is still mired in seemingly incurable stupidity. This is why Africa remains poor. Nations must emerge from the ashes of Africa and native languages must once again prevail. Out of the ashes of Satanic Nigeria Biafra must rise to take her place once again. Nations thrive while countries descend into chaos and eventual dismemberment.

Biafra remains the most civilized nation that has ever existed on the face of this earth. The level of freedom and civility that Biafra had remains something many countries and nations aspire for but none has attained. The level of divine intuition about religion Biafra had was light years ahead of what was the norm then and now.  Onye na Chiye was the religious norm among the early Biafrans.  They believed in one almighty, omniscient creator (Chineke) that one did not have to kill another for.  For where is the almightiness of a god if he wants the lives of the innocent and yet incapable of taking those lives himself? And where is his goodness if the innocent must be killed because he does not believe in him. Is such a god incapable of judging one’s deeds and meting out punishment?  Early Biafrans doctrine of Onye na Chiye (You and your God) is not to be confused with atheism.  It simply means that your religious belief is between you and your God; and that belief begins with you and ends with you. Your place of worship begins in your property and ends in your property (often your immediate compound).  The Biafran way of life and value system cannot be restructured into an alien entity, Nigeria or otherwise.  Those who invoke restructuring as the cure for what ails Nigeria are mere graduates of the school of idiocy.  Their varying certificates or diploma constitute nothing more than useless papers from the faculty of the brain-dead.

When you take a set of spark plugs and introduce them into a vehicle they are not specified for, you do not start adjusting the valves or cleaning the intake manifold because the firing is erratic.  You do not replace the exhaust system because you no longer have uniform flow of emissions. Only a black man would be stupid enough to waste time and resources on the symptoms of a problem that has a clear and distinct cause.  The solution is to simply remove the alien component that was introduced into the vehicle contrary to what the creator of the vehicle specified, then fix the things it might have damaged.  In human terms, resolving those symptoms is called rehabilitation.  It is what Biafrans will have to do once her independence is restored.

The creation of Nigeria by Britain was the problem.  People with developed brain do not seek to restructure a problem.  They implement a cure; and as such, getting Biafra out of Nigeria as the creator intended, is the cure for the disease that has infected her.  The sun must rise, or there shall forever be darkness.

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