Owo Massacre Despicable, Time for All to Support ESN for Our Collective Safety - IPOB

We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU condemn the Fulani terr0rists attack on Catholic Church in Owo Ogun state today been Sunday 5th of June 2022.

IPOB had repeatedly suggested that Christians should stop their dependent on government of Nigeria for security of life and properties the reason is that the current regime has only one interest and that is Fulani interest. Fulani terr0rists masquerading as politicians and security agents, are the ones heading Nigeria Army, Police and other security agencies and are responsible for the recruitment of terr0rists who were massacring's innocent Christians, Muslims and Non-Muslims.

We are equally advising Christian Association of Nigeria CAN to stop just condemning attacks from these terr0rists from Sahel or praying for God's intervention and start acting in defense of Christians in Nigeria. "CONDEMN" do not raise people from graves therefore we suggest again to Christian Association of Nigeria CAN that the only remedy is to be prepared to withstand the terr0rists and jihadist's who were sponsored by unfortunate politicians and g0vernment of Nigeria to eliminate every citizen in the country.

In view of this sacrilegious activities and dastardly act we call on Biafran Christians, Biafran Jewish observers, Biafran religion observers, Ndi-Odinala na Biafra as a matter of urgency organize themselves, form their Association and other reputable institutions and organizations in Biafraland for their own good and find a unique way to support and equip already established iron dome "the ESN" operatives to protect the land and ensure they protect their churches anyday of worship including protection of all markets in the southern part of the country, providing security for the people and their properties because "Ugo Eberela na ngbagbu" the Eagles has patched at the point of killing range.

ESN has the training, strategy and toughness to confront them and ensure that they do not set their foot in our land but we need support.
IPOB needs maximum support of politicians, men and women of God and all the above mentioned bodies that may deem it fit to constitute themselves into a strong body and unit or associations.

All children of God and religious bodies throughout Biafraland should as a matter of urgency support this call now that we have the right people and perfect arrangements to safeguard our land.

The killing machine targets Politicians, successful businessmen and women, reverend fathers, Bishops and Pastors so as to scare you from worshiping God in Churches, Synagogues, other worship centers and locations. Our people must understand that IPOB is ever ready for difficult, sacrificial task for the love of our land, they kidnaped Methodist Prelate and his bishops, N100million Naira paid which is non-comparable with their lives and for confession sake IPOB/ESN was vindicated of direct allegations of kidnapping, false allegation of being the Unknown gunmen, killings and burning of properties.

We are ready, we need your support and we cannot afford to allow them to continue terr0rising our land. We want you to support your own that understands your pains and what you need ESN is Agú n'eche mba ESN is yours, it is set up to protect Biafraland. support ESN so that you can sleep with both eyes closed knowing that those responsible for your safety are awake in the bushes doing their work.

The intelligence information at our disposal was the reason why we advised Pastor William Kumuyi to consider suspension of his earlier planned crusade in Abia State, Fulani terr0rists would have attacked the crusade ground and provide the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN the opportunity they are looking for in order to demonize IPOB. But CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA is in total control of our movement and our struggle to liberate our people from the servitude and bondage called the REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.


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