People hate original and love fake.

People hate original and love fake. That's why here good people find it hard to thrive. On this street, I have received it hot from those who lack the discerning spirit to spot lies, fake and fraud.

I am no more surprised that some people got fooled by Nelly and Ekpa. People too love it when you are faking it.

I remember when a certain Bluejack fooled them. He lied up and down, and made money upon their heads.

Is it Oraka? That one should be given award. In just two weeks, he made them raise more than 2 million for him. Our people wanted to support him, just because of their love for Biafra. How did it end? On a video, Oraka carried Ogogoro on one hand, and as he drank from it, he insulted hell out of the same people that supported him.

Today it is Mr Ekpa. Those that accused us of envy when we exposed Bluejack are here today accusing us of envy. Envy against a shameless dub-ious crịminal. I will rather be envious of a Fulanii cow than be envious of a certified crịminal.

Mr Ekpa is fake. He was never a freedom fighter from the beginning. Everything about him was stage managed. His Wikipedia worth was put there to fool you. They positioned him and he got some people fooled. He is a government recruit.

Ekpa will be shamed. Those that supported him will have their integrity questioned.

Today Nelly is telling you Mr Ekpa hijacked Website and removed Umueri account. Did you ask Nelly who Ekpa hijacked that website from? Was that website under IPOB leadership all these while? So because Ekpa have taken it away from you, you now cry. What of when you took it and lied against DOS? Crịminals.

If you must support anyone in this struggle, let it be from genuine comrades and not fakes fooling to impress.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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