powers in this world.

Afrikaans are likely to lose their faith in God once they travel abroad. You will see them in deep confusion. At first it will be outright denial. Within time they won't know if they will accept traditional beliefs in God and reject the Christian God or deny both.

Again, in their confusion they start experiencing many things that shows that there is actually Supernatural powers. Powers both in the traditional and Christian God.

But he can't accept them.... It is somehow to have travelled overseas and still believe in those things. It is belittling. So they think.

But right in that overseas there are witches offices...very much recognised.
He then dedicate his time to bash those that believe in God. Especially, those of the Christian faith.

Here is the problem. You refused to delve into these things as to understand it. You allowed those half baked pastors (not real pastors) fool you, that when you reached abroad you found out they played you and you ended up in deep confusion.

Son of man know this and know peace. There are powers in this world. Plenty of powers. It depends on what you want to call it. But you are still at liberty to believe and not believe. It is a free world. Stop making it a fight.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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