Nsogbu Nigeria did not start today. During my childhood age in Anglican children Ministry (ACM), we did not joke with "Ekpere Maka Nigeria no na nsogbu". We prayed it with every sincerity and innocency of heart. Our counterpart, in Catholic Block Rosary chanted it unreservedly.
We thought Nigeria was at the peak of hard- time and disintegration. We did not know it was the beginning.
"Prayer for Peace and Unity of Nigeria" became a national phenomenon. Most crusade rallies and mosques anchored on it. The more people pray, the more things are getting worse. The more corruption is eating up the system. terrorists insurgency on the rise, economic hardship everywhere, more greedy politicians looting and carting away the national treasury, habitual incompatibility among the tribal groups etc.
Until now, we then realised the prayers were prayed amiss. Prayers God refused to answer. Nigeria 'unity' is far fetched. It has not worked and It wouldn't work.
House, Fulani, Youruba and Igbo cannot be unified. The smallest wants to control and rule the rest.
Britain out of interest and gains wants to force the marriage that's not meant to be. The more they try, the more disintegration comes to be; secessionist groups emerging from all sides.
Yoruba wants their Oduduwa Nation
Biafrans wants their Biafra Nation
Earlier this is done, the better.

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