Question: Should MNK stay out far too long like Mandela of South Africa?

How do I say this? I think I should find a way. Or should I be plain? I think I should. Should MNK stay out far too long like Mandela of South Africa, he will remain the leader of IPOB. And in the absence of MNK, there will be no power vacuum. This is certain because IPOB already have a structure.

You might say, but Nnamdi Kanu is his brother. Yes, he is, but things don't work that way anymore... Not in this struggle. There are millions of people ready to die for this your brother, and it got nothing to do with you. Millions saw him and believed. They didn't see you, and not anybody. Millions of people love him and are ready to sit at home for him. He is your brother, but yet a leader to millions of people. You love him, but millions love him more. They showed this love even with their own blood.

What MNK is in IPOB is something no one can become. So I don't really know what is wrong with MNK's brother. I don't know what he is thinking at this very time.

I tried to get into it, like what is he really thinking and I can say that maybe, maybe he feels that he is fighting for his brother. He feels that his brother's interest should be protected. Or could it be that he is fighting for position? Like, if my brother is no more, then I should be the next in command. What actually will be going on in his memory right this minute. I just want to know.

Could it be that he thinks those loyal to him are being removed or what? Should people be loyal to you or to the struggle? Do they even understand this struggle at all? Should we subject DOS to you? Take instructions from you?

Listen! DOS is in charge. They are working in line with the mind of the leader.
MNK brother(s) MUST know their place and not cause problems. And that place is no where near IPOB structure.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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