Re- Your disparaging offer of Amnesty to IPOB/ESN

From Mazi Darlington Imoh
The Officer Without Portfolio of the Biafran Campaign

To Professor Charles Chukwuna Soludo, State House, Awka, Anambra State.

Re- Your disparaging offer of Amnesty to IPOB/ESN

Governor Soludo, you may be an Economist but that does NOT make you are an authority in English language
In my capacity as Anglo linguistic luminary & renowned authority in Anglo linguistic polysyllabic grandiloquence, let me teach you the difference between Amnesty & Pardon.
"Amnesty is extended to persons who are subject to prosecution but not yet convicted for their acts of ommission & or commission while a "pardon" is granted to persons who have already been convicted of criminal offence/s by a Court of competent Jurisdiction so that they will not serve the sentences imposed on them by the convicting court. This means, inter alia, that if a man is convicted by a KANGAROO court, the convinction is null & void, a complete nullity, void ab initio & destitute of the desired effect.
So Soludo, for a start, only a President has the power of Amnesty, are you the President of the Zoological kleptocracy called Nigeria? More important, which Court of competent Jurisdiction has convicted a member of IPOB or ESN of any idictable offence? The Zoo Government went round the world nation after nation, organisation after organisation including United Nations, to have IPOB declared a terrorist organisation but the zoo Government was universally SNUBBED. So Soludo tell me, does medieval barbarity of the Fulanis Government supersede the moral consciousness of the whole world who snubbed their application for a declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organisation?

From the viewpoint of the zoo Government Nnamdi Kanu wants to divide Nigeria to end the Fulani control of Biafran human & natural resources but the truth is that Nnamdi Kanu NEVER asked for a break up of Nigeria, ALL THAT NNAMDI KANU ASKED FOR IS A REFERENDUM, let Nigerians decide what they want but the illiterate & semi illiterate ethnic group in Nigeria, namely the Fulanis who number less than 5% of Nigeria's 200 million plus, want to dominate the 95% just because they dominate the Army, Navy, Airforce, Police force, Judiciary, ALL parastatals just because they have their fingers on the heaviest weapons of the Armed forces & the Police of theZOO..
Governor Soludo you must NEVER forget that your predecessor, Mr Obiano whose job included the protection of human lives & property in Anambra State, had the nerve, the impropriety, the temerity, the effrontery, the public admission of FAILURE in his primary duty to the people of Anambra state ie the protection of life & property in his state of Anambra to say that if the Fulanis kill any Anambranian the family of the deceased will be paid N500,000. In effect in the view of your predecessor, a human life in Anambra State is worth a paltry N500,000. So Governor Soludo, if you agree with Obiano that means your own life is worth only N500,000 because you are just one human being. NO WONDER THE QUEEN OF BIAFRA, HER EXCELLENCY BIANCA OJUKWU GAVE A DIRTY SLAP TO THE WIFE of your PREDECESSOR as a final goodbye & farewell from the sight of Anambranians, the slap that more humans on this Earth saw LIVE than any other slap since Adam & Eve. Scotland had a referendum on whether or not to continue to be part of the UK or to be independent of Britain, a majority voted to remain part of the UK, Oh, good luck to the Scots. Czechoslovakia had a referendum on whether to stay together as one political entity or go their separate ways, majority voted to go their separate ways as Czech Republic & Republic of Slovakia, Oh good luck to both of them. Quebec had a referendum on whether to remain part of Canada or to be independent of Canada, a majority of Quebecois voted to remain as part of Canada, again good luck to them. In all 3 cases NOBODY, absolutely NOBODY was arrested let alone being killed for expressing his democratic rights either way, but because Nigeria is NOT civilised, many people have been SHOT to mincemeat for calling for a referendum on the future of Nigeria as one political entity. Anyone who wants proof that Nigeria is NOT a civilised Country, that PROOF came from no lesser a personality than an ex head of state who ruled Nigeria for 8 years.......General Olusegun Obasanjo. In a British television interview Olusegun Obasanjo TOLD THE WORLD that what was happening in Nigeria will NOT happen in a CIVILISED Country. So Governor Soludo, you will be well advised in your best interest that your HONEY MOON with Anambranians lasted less than FOUR DAYS so next time you talk about IPOB or ESN, you will be well advised to speak with utmost respect & humility in ways & manners commensurate with the high esteem to which Nnamdi Kanu & his top officers are held, OKAY?
~Mazi Darlington Imoh
Akaekpuchiónwa 1 of Arondizuogu
The Officer Without Portfolio of the Biafran Campaign.

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