1: Referendum is an occasion when All The PEOPLE in a Country can vote on an important issue. Mind you, ALL THE PEOPLE IN A COUNTRY, vote to decide on an opinion, issue, law or national interests affecting them as a population.

It doesn't require you being in a political party or having a particular voter card like PVC. It does not require voting for a candidate but on a political opinion.

2: Election is a process when the electorates, those who are eligible can vote for their best candidates who usually represent them in a political position.

Election does not iπ¢lude all the people in a ¢ouπtry but few of them who are qualified with their PVC. Ele¢tioπ does not give the people equal opportunity to vote and decide what they want but referendum offers them that.

3: Referendum allows all and sundry the opportunity to decide without being bribed, coaxed and or influenced by thugs and sycophants or any nonsensical voter card. You do not need to belong to any political party before you cast your vote during referendum.

For instance, when referendum for Biafra will be conducted, it will be a two side campaigns: Campaigns for Biafra by IPOB and if they will, campaign for Nigeria.

Enforcement, imposition and rigging of votes are not allowed during referendums. Why? that's because International community and agencies are monitoring and organizing the process. Rooms for ballot box snatching and thuggery are highly prohibited as UN Peace keepiπg for¢es and se¢urity ageπts are beefed up these areas.

4: Referendum gives each and every Indigenous populations in Nigeria the opportunity to decide if they want to remain Nigerians or not.

Referendum stands as the only correction to the contentious and unconsented amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates of 1914.

Referendum offers solutions to the pariah unity expressed by each and every ethnic group in Nigeria. It offers them avenue to decide to live or not to live together which solves their pretentious togetherness.

~ Kelechi Chukwuezi Augustine

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