The infiltrators started even before MNK was extraordinarily renditioned to Nigería. They have already started instilling doubts in the minds of so many people.

How did they do it?

They started going inbox to inbox telling lies to people. The aim of the lies was to prepare their minds for the deadly campaign they will be unleashing against IPOB leadership.

One of them came to my inbox that time and told me there is one thing he will tell me. I said OK. I didn't want to be so inquisitive, so I let him be. I think they drive strength from your inquisitive nature and your eagerness to know what they have to say. I remember telling us one certain time to know who we listen to inbox.

After some time, the same young man returned to my inbox. He told me that he once wanted to share a secret about the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with me, but he think I am not EMOTIONALLY STRONG to stomach it. Lol. Imagine someone that have his entire life in the media telling me I am not emotionally strong. Does he know the pains I go through, yet here I am giving courage to many and standing above my personal pains and problems. I told him you got nothing to say. If you truly have something to say, you will say it. He told me that when all these are over, I will regret my support for the leadership of this struggle. I told him such won't happen.

I believe that was how they went inbox lying against the leadership, telling them how it was DOS that sold MNK. Weak minded fellows believed those lies. Before ever Nelly Ofoegbu came to the Finland guy's platform to cry and lie, they have already watered the ground for the cry to be accepted. People without brain fell to the cry of the same woman fingered in the rendition.

She cried and called out some people including the leadership of the struggle and said they sold Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. About 8 months ago, people bought their lies. I know how hurt I do get it that time trying to tell them they have been lied to.
As of that time many have already started seeing the Finland guy as a leader. The markets in Biafra land are already singing his name. That was exactly what the zoo-Nigeria wanted. They used zoo media to project him. The worse of it all was that they fooled even intelligent people.

I have a Priest friend that kept informing me that I should please stop calling out the Finland guy. He truly believes that the Finland guy is working for Biafra and love Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Another Priest I respect so much also told me the only person working for Biafra is the Finland guy. That is how much many were fooled by these people.

The rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was well taken advantage of by the zoo. They used it as a way to have the struggle destroyed. One is to jail the leader, and give IPOB a new leader. That is why the Finland guy kept shouting hard and harder. That was why zoo media was carrying everything he was saying then. That was why some compromised elements in IPOB were projecting him. That was why Nigería vice president said he is more dangerous than Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It was all planned to install him as IPOB leader.

I had to sit down to reason it. Most times, the best way to reason is through questioning self. I asked myself exactly what the Finland guy has done to be adjudged dangerous. Apart from the fact that he is broadcasting on Facebook, he has done nothing again, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The only reason people listened to him was his continuous claiming to be MNK's disciple. Those that loved MNK extended the love to him.
The Finland guy was practically nobody as far as the struggle is concerned. He was just one out of millions of PDP e~rats on Facebook, until they unleashed him on IPOB.

So the answer to that question made me understand they are simply trying to fool IPOB members.

The plan was to destroy everything Mazi Nnamdi Kanu built. They came after the head, knowing that if IPOB leadership falls, IPOB and ESN is gone. And should IPOB go down, MNK is a complete nobody. So these guys planned it all. Destroy IPOB and kîll MNK. Fools joined them in speaking down on IPOB principle of command and control.

They started claiming to be in charge of ESN, with series of fundraising. With the help of the zoo, they recruited group of kidnappers and called them ESN. Some people actually believed them.

That was when I knew that ignorance indeed walks on two giant legs in our society. That people will believe that a none IPOB member, the Finland guy and some random lady that joined IPOB in 2019 are now in charge of ESN is something I am yet to understand till this very day. But do I blame them? No. They have been lied to. Their minds have been prepared with lies and damaged.

These people weaponized the love the people have for MNK, and used it to try and destroy IPOB leadership as to kîll the same MNK. Have you seen such before? It was a well calculated attack.

It was a million dollar plan. Use IPOB to destroy IPOB. Use the love they have for MNK to destroy the leadership. Make the Finland guy and his gang shout and act rash in the name of trying to bring out MNK from DSS dungeon. Then get the international community to designate IPOB a terrorist organisation. When this is done, it will become terribly bad for IPOB.

The infiltrators also played on the ego of some IPOB members. The result was the saying that we don't care if they call us terrorists. After all, our leader said if you have not been called a terrorist you have not started. Others said our leader said if we find him and didn't see him, then we should burn down the zoo. They started killing and kidnapping people in the East together with Fulani terrorists. Messengers of evil started projecting that those calling for restraint don't want our leader to come out. It became a big dilemma. Today, many of them now know they were fooled. They are now ashamed of the role they played.

This era will be known as a time IPOB was nearly used to destroy IPOB, but Okike said no. At last we will say to the master, we didn't disappoint you.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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