Research proves Onyeka Nwalue is not a professor

✅Dr Onyeka Nwelue is NOT a Prof; he is NOT associate Prof either and he hasn't claimed to be one. If he were he would have been BLOWING his trumpets. He is PH.D holder presumably (kudos to him for his paper certification). His character as demonstrated thus far make mockery of his learning. Please STOP addressing Dr Onyeka Nwelue as Prof. He is NOT a Professor.

✅Dr Onyeka Nwelue said in his profile he is an "academic visitor" to University of Oxford, then added, NOT quite a "visiting lecturer", when spoken to - it's unclear his contract status with the University of Oxford but apparently he is not an employee. Onyeka's first baby cry on Social Media, after we approached him about his ill-advised invite to Hope Uzodinma, was to lie that "Igbos want him sacked from Oxford...blablabla".

✅Dr Nwalue, 34 years of age, says he is Dean of Cinematography (cinema production - filming etc) at Queensland University Haiti. Ostensibly this is his permanent job and presumably he holds Haitian residency. Even if he is a British resident or citizen (very much doubt it because he would have been bragging about it), he cannot behave so irresponsibly. His manners shows he can't even pass Life in UK Test, little or no knowledge and awareness of The UK legislation (regulations).

✅However Onyeka stated he lives "between Oxford and Johannesburg", meaning he lives anywhere between those two geographical poles - England and South Africa while doing a day job in 3rd world part of South America. Really confusing such address that is hardly traceable. No fixed aboard kind of.

✅In most of my personal communication with Dr Nwalue and from evidence of his online conduct, he has been coming across as boastful, rude, arrogant, unprofessional, immature and not well grounded over all. His persona is very dubious.

✅Dr Onyeka Nwelue is NOT an issue; IPOB correctional proposition of withdrawing the invite he unashamedly sent to Hope Uzodinma is not personal but Onyeka is making it so. We have no business with him, we hope he understands that.

✅Onyeka Nwelue CANNOT stop IPOB protesting in Oxford. We're doing everything lawfully. Our protests will hold as planned. Onyeka should STOP wasting his energy and time fighting a lost battle. What he cannot comprehend is bigger than him.

✅IPOB remain focused on our Mission. We have reminded all relevant British authorities (as if needed to) of whom we TRULY are - law-abiding, peace-loving, freedom fighters. The institutions understand fully well and recognise the material facts. Our derailing compatriots (Onyeka, Uchenna and their ilks) should not distract us; their ignoble acts would not detract from the TRUTH about Biafra Restoration and IPOB. Lets FOCUS. Above all let's be HONESTLY loyal and committed to our cause. We're WINNING. We MOVE!


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