REVEALED! How so many Igbo clans was ceded to other communities in Nigeria

Are you aware that sometime in 1939 some Anioma communities in present day Delta and Edo states was carved out of the core Igbo heartland despite protests from Anioma kings then to the British colonial authorities?   

The same period the Ezza community of present Ebonyi state was carved into Benue state of present day.

Again, in 1976 during the Murtala Mohammed regime, Ahoada and Port Harcourt was ceded to Ijaw dominated River state. Do you still wonder how Igbo speaking people are now minorities in other states?

This was carried out despite rejection by the people to the Willink commission on boundary adjustment.

Still in 1976, oil rich Obigbo LGA in Aba division of old Imo state was ceded to Rivers state. Obigbo is Ndoki clan and has over 50 oil wells, they are pure Igbo people separated from their Azummili kins by the Imo river.

Ohugbu, an oil rich Ndoki community was ceded to Akwa Ibom state. Ohugbu is one of the highest onshore gas and oil producing area.

In the same 1976, the Egbema community was balkanized into three towns with the highest oil producing town ceded to River state from old Imo state.

Same time too, Ndoni was carved out of Aboha and given to Rivers state. Ndoni and Ogbaru are same people. Ogbaru is in Anambra with some of their kinsmen in Delta state.

We know that these oil producing areas of Igbo land was the highest oil producing areas pre 1966 and that the Hausa/Fulani led military government has partitioned our land in other to remove Igbo land as the highest oil producing region in the land.

The envious Hausa/Fulani government acted contemptuously in other to gain control of our oil and soon after these sordid act, they started sharing our oil wells to themselves hence, today they control almost eighty two of such.

This is where I expect Ohaneze to act. They should do all within their ability to recover all our lands dubiously ceded to other regions.

Only then can we see them as true representatives of our people

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MNK Has severally narrated on this issue in many of his previous broadcasts.

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