By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

Are they that died
in Afaraukwu, not heroes
They stood tall
and embraced death
as Nigeria military
rained bullets on them

Lands turned into rivers of blood
Flowing down
and singing heroic songs
Songs of victory

In death, we are winners they say
We chose to live in Biafra
and death can't stop us
Their assailants
are those that suffer with them
Men that suffer malaria and cholera
Men that put their lives in danger
with little or no food

These are the men who took
our lives for standing for referendum
for seeking a better life for them
For saying no to injustice
For saying no to marginalization
For saying yes to freedom
For standing with Biafra

One last look
at my assailant
I saw myself in him
My face and his face matched
An Igbo serving the zoo
An Ijaw in zoo uniform
What will make a man
serve those that torment him
To the extent of taking life for him
The life of his blood brother

I am a hero
I had no gun nor stick
yet it's not that their bullet
that left a gigantic hole
on my stomach that killed me

Holding my Biafran flag tight
I was rejected by the zoo hospitals
The rivers of blood kept flowing
I looked at the faces of my brothers
moving me from hospital to hospital
and dropped this message to them

I have fought the battle
like my fathers on the battlefield of 1967
I have finished my part
Continue the race
Restore Biafra

May our children to come
not be part of a country
that kills its youths
And I died a youth
I died a Biafran

In remembrance of all Biafran youths that paid the ultimate prize during the 2017 operation Python Dance II.

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