Sabotage in the struggle by fellow Biafrans.

WRITTEN BY : Mazi Osinachi Obi-Njoku

Sabotage: deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something).

Most of the time those that sabotage our liberation are fellow Biafrans. We are not even getting such opposition from Fulani as much as we are getting from fellow Biafrans.

The Fulanis are killing our people at home, it is still fellow Biafrans that are inviting them. Starting from Python Dance down to present crises we have. It was SE govs. Down to the saboteurs pointing at the houses of IPOB members. And the worst part is, after you finish selling your people, the same Fulani will abandon you. Look at the Hitler in Rivers state, today he has been abandoned, he stood against his people.

The other day the Northern Elders Forum came out to make a case for liberation of Biafra and a possible referendum. It will shock you to note that the people that opposed them were Ohaneze ndi Igbo. Same Biafrans. Meaning that they don't even want Biafra or the liberation of their people. They care more about the properties that they have in Lagos and Abuja, more than lives that are being lost everyday.

The other day I was listening to Vicky Ford, the Uk ambassador to Africa. She was speaking to the UK Parliament about Nigeria. It will shock you to note that the person defending one Nigeria was Geoffrey Onyeama, a Biafran. Who is serving the zoo as minister for Foreign Affairs. He was being supervised by Osibanjo

Coming to the infiltrators. You keep wondering why people cannot stay where they are and do what they can to restore Biafra, without trying to overthrow the leadership. When you were running around eating yam, some people made sure that this struggle stood till date. Our people are dying back home and all you care about is power tussle. Same rubbish Zik did to Ojukwu. Most of the crimes being committed in Biafra land are as a result of these infiltrators directly and indirectly. As our people are dying they think we are in a social media popularity contest

Now a certain politician that should have focused on his campaign, started calling IPOB criminals. Now compare this with Buhari's stance on Boko Haram in 2015. You will know who is a man. Boko Haram thay is a world recognized terror group except for Nigeria and IPOB that is a world recognized freedom fighting group, except for Nigeria. And yet he could not defend IPOB. That is why these Biafran chicken politicians have not been able to provide the right leadership for us until the coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

We need to start checkmating our self-destructive behaviour. We are our own problems. And Britain/Fulani are using it to their advantage. Even the BBC documentary we are complaining about today, it was still Biafrans that did it.

We need to develop a conscience. Think of the future of our children and the legacy and examples we are leaving for them. Is it such that it will promote or destroy our homeland? Search yourself, stop considering your stomach or what you are getting today. Think of the greater good, just like our ancestors did, think of your fellow Biafran and your loved ones. Every Biafran is your blood down to the coastal region and to Ambazonia. Think that way and Biafra will always contain us as Chukwuokike intended. We will always have a home to call our own.

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